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TAS250 Pump

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High Quality Clean Water Pumps


Newton Clean Water Pump

Clean Water Pump

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Puddle Pump

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Low Level Pumping System

Low Level Pumping System

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High Performance Clean Water Pump

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Titan Pump System

Trojan-Pro foul water surface water Sump Chamber front view

Foul & Surface Water Pumping System

Trojan-Pro Pump System


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Newton Pump Controller

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Class Leading Pump Control Panel

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DAB Genix automatic lifting station

Automatic Macerator Lifting Stations

DAB Genix

Newton High Water Alarm

High Water Alarm For Pump Systems

High Water Level Alarm

Newton Dialer PA5

Dialer for High Water Level Alarms

Newton Dialer

Pipework for Basement Pump Systems

Pipework for Basement Pump Systems

Newton Pipework and Ancillaries

Newton Waterproofing Pumps and Controls

Extensive range of submersible pumps and pumping ancillaries for the control of clean ground water, grey water, effluent or sewage in basements.

Effective Manual and Automatic Groundwater Pumps

Newton supplies a variety of pumps and pumping systems for the safe removal of clean groundwater. Available as manual and automatic models, they are perfectly suited to removing water from cavity drain systems.

Our pumps are selected due to their reliability and efficiency, and although they are primarily used in basements and cellars, they can also be deployed in light wells, surface drainage collection vessels, reservoirs, and water holding vessels.

High-Performance Pumps for Foul and Waste Water

As well as clean water pumps, Newton’s foul and wastewater pumps and pumping systems are specifically designed to provide reliability in challenging environments. This includes wastewater pumps that cannot be fouled by hardened soaps, effluent and grease, and sewage pumps with a cutting impeller to reduce the risk of blockage.

Have a read of these projects where basement pumping systems played an integral role in successful project completion.

Pump Control Systems for Easy Operation

Control panels are also key in order to operate, maintain and monitor your pumping system, as well as providing access to enhanced telemetry features. The Control Panel-Pro, for example, is a class-leading panel that interfaces with the battery backup and telemetry systems, as well as connecting to whole house alarm and monitoring systems.

Further peace of mind is also delivered by the Newton Victron Inverters and battery backups, ensuring that your pumping system will continue to operate, even during power outages.

What does a sump pump actually do?

A sump pump is a device used to remove water that has collected in a sump basin or pit, typically located in a basement or crawlspace of a home. The pump is typically placed at the bottom of the pit and is designed to automatically turn on and remove water when it reaches a certain level.

Where do sump pumps drain to?

Ensure that your sump pump water is directed to a specific location, such as a dry well, creek, pond, or nearby drain, to avoid any water flowing back into your home.

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