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Newton Control Panel-Pro

The Newton Control Panel-Pro is a class-leading pump control panel with many unique features, which has been designed by Newton Waterproofing Systems to provide the ultimate in pump operation and diagnostics.

The panel features interfaces for use with Newton battery backup and telemetry systems, as well as connections to whole house alarm and monitoring systems. The internal PCB is split into two separate circuits, ensuring that pumping will continue even if one of the control circuits should fail. This effectively means that the Newton Control Panel-Pro is two control panels within one case, offering unrivalled redundancy.

Self-diagnostic programs test the pumps on a weekly basis to ensure correct pump performance. The appointed service engineer is automatically informed of any detected problem with either of the pumps if the Newton Dialer telemetry system is installed.

The Newton Control Panel-Pro will operate a maximum of two 750W 230V AC pumps. The panel is supplied with a vertical water level float switch and high water alarm float switch. The panel is designed to be used with an optional Newton Victron Battery Backup System, sized to suit the pumps and installed with sufficient battery power to ensure continued pumping during power outages.

  • Key Benefits
  • Warranty
  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • Automatic alternate duty cycle.
    • Two independent power supply inputs – One for grid mains and the other for a battery-backed power supply via a Newton Victron Battery Backup System.
    • Alarm on power failure – Panel will alarm in the event of mains failure.
    • Automatic electrical current monitoring for each pump.
    • Automatic pump duty assist – If one pump cannot cope with the volume of water entering the sump, the second pump will auto-start to increase the pumping capability.
    • As well as the panel’s audible alarm, an alarm output is sent to trigger the optional Dialer or home alarm at the time of a pump failure.
    • Automatic main float checking – If the main float fails or becomes disconnected, the alarm float automatically takes over as the level control float.
    • Automatic alarm float checking – An alarm checking signal is continually monitored to confirm the alarm float cables have been fitted correctly, not been tampered with or haven’t been disconnected.
    • Each pump has its own totally separate electronic circuit – This allows for one pump to continue to operate if a fault develops in the pump that could damage the panel electronics. An alarm output is sent to trigger the optional Dialer in the event of a controller failure.
    • Automatic testing of each pump every 7 days – Tests ensure the pumps operate each week and will report any problems detected during the 3 second test with an alarm. Each control circuit has its own independent timer to ensure that each pump is tested at different times.
    • Alarm sounder options – Dip switches on the sounder allow for programming of up to 32 different alarm sounds with a fully adjustable volume control also included.
    • Each pump is controlled by a zero voltage solid state triac – The triac device is controlled by very fast switching electronics that can detect the change to 50 Hz cycle to initiate switching at zero voltage. Unlike mechanical relays or contactors, there are no moving parts to wear out or generate arcing dust or welding of contacts. This gives the Control Panel-Pro a life duty in the millions of pumping operations unlike a mechanical relay that can be as low as 100,000 cycles.
    • The panel monitors the power supply and will alarm if the incoming grid mains voltage fails.
    • The panel monitors the power supply and will alarm if the current to each pump is too high or too low.
    • The panel automatically checks that the correct power is being used by each pump. If the pump is disconnected, a pump fuse has blown or they are using too much power, the alarm will sound.
    • Engineer option to mute all sounds other than high water alarm – This can be set by the engineer after a full panel reset.



    The panel is supplied with a one-year back to base warranty which is dated from either the date of purchase or a proven date of installation.

    If the unit develops a fault during the warranty period, Newton Waterproofing Systems Ltd will repair or replace the unit under warranty.

    Contact the Newton sales office for a returns form which explains the returns procedure. The warranty will be invalidated if the unit is damaged because of improper handling, storage or installation, and in such cases a repair charge may be applicable.

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