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The Newton Trojan-Pro is a medium-sized sump chamber available in four sizes, ranging from 1.2m to 2.1m high, in increments of 300 mm.

Depending on the pumps used within the pumping system build, the Trojan-Pro chamber is suitable for a variety of pumping tasks, ranging from lifting sewage from basements as well as the removal of ground water and surface drainage.

The Trojan-Pro can be purchased either as a self-build system or as a fully-built foul water or surface water pumping system. The self-build systems are supplied as a bare chamber, and the relevant pumps, non-return valves, shut-off valves, uPVC pipe and pipe fittings, tank connector, control systems and alarms, as well as the preferred lid and frame, will all need to be purchased separately to create a full pumping system.

For all information regarding product codes and the available Trojan-Pro pump system set ups, please refer to the product Data Sheet or the tables below.

  • Key Benefits
  • Typical Applications
  • Pump Configurations & Product Codes
  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • Compatible with a large range of pumps for the pumping of sewage, clean water and grey water
    • Complex geometry with strengthening ribs resulting in a strong and robust sump
    • Recessed ribbing for surrounding concrete to lock into, preventing sump flotation
    • Supplied with double-locked and sealed recessed lid
    • High-end lids, frames and solid lids are available as additional cost options
    • Available in 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.1 metre depths
    • Large opening for easy removal and installation of the pumps
    • Built systems available with Auto-Coupling System, with rails for easy pump installation and removal
    • Supports a large number of frames and lids

    Typical Applications

    Typical Applications

    Depending on the type and performance of the pumps installed, the pumping systems based upon the Trojan-Pro sump are suitable for the following pumping applications:

    • Sewage lifting station where the sewage invert is below the height of the street sewage system
    • Sewage system with 24 hour storage for small properties of one, two or three bedrooms
    • Waste and grey water pumping
    • Ground water pumping as part of the Type C Newton CDM System
    • Large volume surface water pumping
    • As a central collection sump for large Newton CDM installations

    Pump Configurations & Product Codes

    Pump Configurations & Product Codes

    Sump Chambers & Pumps

    If you only need a chamber or want to order your pumps separately, choose from our Trojan-Pro chambers, or alternatively choose one of the fully built Trojan-Pro pumping systems.

    For more information on the individual pump units that can be ordered with the Trojan-Pro chamber, call our Technical Team on 01732 360 095, or email tech@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk.

    Trojan-Pro Sump Chambers (no lid)
    Height Weight Purchase Code
    1200 mm 38 kg TR12
    1500 mm 45 kg TR15


    Fully Built Pumping Systems – Surface Water
    Pump(s) Sump Height Alarm (purchase separately) Code
    CP400 x 2 Automatic 1200 mm N/A S1
    CP400 x 2 Manual 1200 mm Pump Controller/Control Panel-Pro S2
    CP400 x 2 Automatic 1500 mm N/A S3
    CP400 x 2 Manual 1500 mm Pump Controller/Control Panel-Pro S4
    NP750 x 2 Manual* 1500 mm Pump Controller/Control Panel-Pro S6
    NP750 x 2 Manual* 1800 mm Pump Controller/Control Panel-Pro S7
    NP750 x 2 Manual* 2100 mm Pump Controller/Control Panel-Pro S8

    *Pumps fitted on rails

    Fully Built Pumping Systems – Foul Water
    Pump(s) Sump Height Alarm Included Code
    Feka VS 1000 x 2 Manual 1200 mm DAB E.Box F1
    Feka VS 1000 x 2 Manual* 1200 mm DAB E.Box F2
    Feka VS 1000 x 2 Manual 1500 mm DAB E.Box F3
    Feka VS 1000 x 2 Manual* 1500 mm DAB E.Box F4
    Feka VS 1000 x 2 Manual 1800 mm DAB E.Box F5
    Feka VS 1000 x 2 Manual* 2100 mm DAB E.Box F6

    *Pumps fitted on rails

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