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Written by Warren Muschialli

The introduction of the Building Safety Act (BSA) in England, arguably the most important regulatory change in construction since the 1980s, has significantly impacted the industry.

The new requirements of the Building Safety Act have implications for all buildings, and do not just apply to higher-risk, high-rise buildings. This includes the requirement for keeping up-to-date information about how a building has been designed, built, and managed – a ‘Golden Thread of Information’ that is stored digitally for the entire life of the building.

The BSA also creates a new Building Safety Regulator (BSR), responsible for:

  • Overseeing the safety and performance systems of all buildings (not just high-rise structures).
  • Monitoring the performance of the building control sector, to ensure standards are met.
  • Setting building standards.
  • Regulating construction products for the UK.

Furthermore, specifiers, including architects, now face new responsibilities and potential liabilities regarding the performance of the building materials that they specify.

This shift necessitates a more meticulous approach to product selection, particularly when it comes to waterproofing solutions. Here’s how the Building Safety Act impacts your role as a specifier and how Newton Waterproofing can empower you to meet the Act’s stringent requirements.

New Obligations and the Importance of Compliant Waterproofing

Double basement cavity drain waterproofing system

The BSA introduces a new regulatory framework emphasising building performance. A key aspect of this framework is the concept of dutyholders, each with specific obligations throughout a building’s lifecycle.

The new dutyholder roles apply to those involved in procuring, planning, designing, managing, and undertaking building work, and are relevant to all building work covered by the 2010 Building Regulations – not just higher-risk buildings.

Specifiers are now most likely to be appointed as the ‘principal designer’ dutyholder under the Act, endowing them with responsibility for ensuring the building materials they specify comply with relevant regulations. They are also required to ensure they have competence (the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and behaviour) to carry out the design and building work they are engaged to do.

However, if a specifier thinks they may not have the required competence, or the design is outside the scope of their PI cover, they should ensure another organisation with the necessary competence is appointed as a designer to perform the role.

These requirements for competence, compliance and liability must therefore be considered when designing waterproofing solutions. Non-compliant waterproofing systems can pose significant risks, not just in terms of water ingress but also potentially impacting the future health and safety of the occupants of a below-ground area of a building.

Therefore, specifying compliant waterproofing solutions is not just about optimal building performance; it’s about mitigating potential future risk for building occupants, managing liability, and ensuring conformity with all requirements laid out under the Act.

Achieving Specifier Confidence: Newton Waterproofing’s Commitment to Building Safety Act Compliance

Newton New Delivery Van in Leeds

We understand the challenges specifiers face in the post-BSA landscape. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of accredited waterproofing solutions that fully comply with the Act’s requirements.

Our commitment to assisting specifiers with their Building Safety Act compliance is reflected in several key aspects:

Rigorous Product Testing: All our waterproofing products undergo rigorous testing by independent laboratories, ensuring they meet the performance standards outlined in the Act and relevant British Standards.

Third Party Verification: Our products hold all necessary certifications, providing specifiers with the confidence that they are selecting solutions that demonstrably meet the Act’s requirements.

Expert Support: Our team of waterproofing specialists is here to guide you through the product selection process. We can provide detailed information on the performance characteristics and compliance certifications of our waterproofing systems.

Professional Indemnity Cover: Both the Newton approved contractor network and the Newton design team hold the necessary PI cover, as well as the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications to provide competent and compliant waterproofing designs.

Whether you are specifying our products or appointing Newton and our approved contractors as a competent designer, you can gain peace of mind knowing you are meeting the Building Safety Act’s stringent requirements. This not only mitigates potential liabilities but also contributes to the overall safety and performance of the buildings you specify.

Navigate the Building Safety Act with Confidence with Newton Waterproofing

The Building Safety Act represents a significant change for the construction industry. However, by working with a trusted supplier like Newton Waterproofing, you can navigate these changes with confidence.

We offer a complete range of compliant waterproofing solutions backed by rigorous testing and certifications. Our team of experts is also here to support you in selecting the most suitable waterproofing system for your project requirements.

Contact Newton Waterproofing today to discuss your next project and ensure you are specifying Building Safety Act compliant waterproofing solutions.

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