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Written by Warren Muschialli

When carrying out a waterproofing project, it’s imperative that the highest quality products, design, and installation are provided.

At Newton Waterproofing, we’re dedicated to providing specifiers, contractors and homeowners with the information they need to make informed decisions about the types of guarantees available for their waterproofing project.

Many so-called “guarantees” don’t actually offer any real benefit to the client, and can leave them and their design team with financial loss, a delayed programme, or worse.

It’s therefore vital to understand the different types of guarantees and warranties available, and exactly what is covered by each one should the waterproofing fail.

What is a waterproofing guarantee?

The term “guarantee” is often used in a number of ways to describe different forms of protection. However, it’s important to understand the difference between a warranty, a guarantee, and the other forms of insurance that are available.

Product-Only Warranties

A product warranty is a statutory requirement that provides for the replacement of the product if it is defective in any way – all Newton products are supplied with product warranties.

Whilst it is important to only choose products with a good product warranty from an established and reputable supplier, the product warranty specifically excludes defects that result from poor design, workmanship and/or the installation of the product.

However, in some cases, product warranties are incorrectly sold as or misunderstood to be a guarantee for the waterproofing. It is therefore important to recognise that a product-only warranty does not protect against failures arising from poor design and/or installation.

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Installation Guarantees

Provided by reputable waterproofing contractors, this is the most important form of waterproofing guarantee. Supported by the contractors’ insurance company, the guarantee protects you from defects in the design and installation of the waterproofing.

The fact that these guarantees are supported by insurance is key, as the insurer will step in where the cost of the repair is beyond the financial means of the contractor. You are therefore protected from the risk that the contractor liquidates their company to avoid the costs of the repair.

Limited Repair Guarantees

These are very common within the waterproofing industry and are often mistaken for meaningful installation guarantees. However, careful reading of the small print shows that in most cases the ‘guarantee’ is only limited to the value of the product purchased, and in some cases, to the value of the product purchased within the area of the leak.

This means that the fixing of the leak is limited to an already established cost. If the repair is not successful for that limited cost, the attempt at repair is either concluded, or the extra work and materials required to stop the leak become chargeable.

Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs)

Newton Insurance Backed GuaranteeInsurance Backed Guarantees only come into play when the waterproofing contractor is unable to honour the terms of their guarantee due to the company ceasing to trade.

Where a reputable contractor is used, such as a Newton Specialist Contractor, the repair will always be carried out under the terms of their installation guarantee (see above).

If an insurance backed guarantee is appealing to you, it’s important to note that not all policies are equal. Check the policy wording to confirm exactly what is covered and in what instances, and also check the rating of the insurer.

Latent Defects Insurance (LDI)

Latent Defects Insurance is similar to a home insurance policy provided by the NHBC, in that the waterproofing is covered by a comprehensive policy, purchased from the insurance company by the contractor that installed the waterproofing, with cover included for defects arising from workmanship, materials and/or design faults.

After the two-year contractor’s liability period has expired, all repairs, including the cost of stripping out and making good, are the responsibility of the insurer. Furthermore, if the contractor ceases trading within the first two years, the insurer still steps in to cover the costs in the event of a failure.

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