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Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBCs) work in partnership with Newton to provide the highest quality products, design and installation in all aspects of domestic and commercial basement waterproofing. They also provide insured installation guarantees. We have contractors throughout the UK – contact us for a list of contractors in your area.

Newton Specialist Basement Contractors

All NSBCs adhere to strict criteria and are required to demonstrate quality workmanship, resulting in a meaningful scheme that provides unsurpassed technical excellence. We recommend an NSBC is involved in a project where a new-build or existing basement needs to be waterproofed.

NSBCs can take responsibility for both the design and the installation of a waterproofing system, which means that they will give meaningful, insured installation guarantees for the work that they undertake. Most of our registered contractors have design liability insurance, allowing you to delegate the full design liability for the waterproofing aspect of the project to them, fulfilling the role of ‘waterproofing specialist’ as recommended by the BS 8102:2009.
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"When I contacted Newton Waterproofing Systems I was supplied a list of contractors. I contacted a couple of them and they were both extremely helpful. I would like to say thank you for the assistance and should we need any work in the future I will certainly follow up with your company and the suggested contractors again as I have found Newton to be very helpful. I will also recommend your company as a point of contact to any friends should they need your services."

Clare Holt, West London

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