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Written by Warren Muschialli

This article aims to explain what Oldroyd Xtf membrane is, as well as its features and benefits as a fireproofing and waterproofing membrane.

Newton Waterproofing has recently partnered with Oldroyd, Scandinavia’s leading supplier of tunnel membrane systems, and as a result, is able to design and install Oldroyd Xtf membrane as a cavity drain waterproofing system during tunnel waterproofing projects.

What is Oldroyd Xtf?

Oldroyd Xtf waterproofing and fireproofing tunnel membrane

Oldroyd Xtf is the best membrane available in the UK for a combined fireproof and waterproof solution for below-ground projects.

It is a waterproof, fire resistant membrane designed specifically to protect tunnels from the detrimental effects of water.

It has been designed to be mounted in tunnels against cast concrete walls, bare rock, to vaults in escape routes, or in technical rooms and other similar locations.

The membrane consists of a specially profiled, studded and grooved, flame-retardant polypropylene (PP) sheet, approximately 1mm (40ml) thick, onto which is laminated a high tensile strength, fire-resistant woven fabric of basalt mineral fibres.

Whilst the polypropylene sheet provides the structure of the membrane and ensures that it is waterproof, the basalt fibres considerably increases the mechanical strength of the membrane, as well as being of vital importance to its fire-resistant properties

What are the Features and Benefits of Oldroyd Xtf Membrane?

  • B-s2.d0 fire rating to EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009
  • Fire resistant for more than 20 minutes at >1000°C
  • Plug fixings have an average pull-off strength of 413 N, so are able to withstand the extreme negative pressure/suction of high-speed trains
  • Protects railway tunnels for a minimum of 60 years
  • Does not require covering
  • Thoroughly tested in challenging Norwegian and Faroe Island railway tunnels
  • During a fire, toxic gas emissions are less than 10% and CO2formation is less than 20% of the maximum allowed levels
  • Halogen free – No chlorine compounds, bromides or fluorides

What are the Typical Applications of Oldroyd Xtf Membrane?

As a cavity drain membrane for tunnel waterproofing within the Newton CDM System, installed to:

  • Cast concrete walls
  • Bare rock surfaces
  • Vaults in escape routes
  • Technical rooms (or similar)

What Testing has Oldroyd Xtf Membrane Undergone?

Together with the Norwegian railway authority, the Oldroyd Xtf system has been thoroughly tested with extreme technical requirements.

The Oldroyd Xtf membrane is tested according to EN 13501-1, on the ‘Fire classification of construction products and building elements – Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests’.

This specific tests evaluates the membrane’s fire properties regarding its heat release rate, smoke production, flame spread and burning droplets

Oldroyd Xtf achieves classification of B-s2 d0:

  • B: Combustible materials – very limited contribution to fire
  • S2: Emissions with average volume intensity
  • d0: No burning droplets

The tried and tested membrane has also already undergone testing and approval by Scandinavian railway agencies, including Bane NOR who maintain, operate and develop the Norwegian railway network, and Sporveien Oslo who operate public transport in the Norwegian capital.

Oldroyd Xtf Membrane in Action

Newton Waterproofing recently delivered a failsafe waterproofing and fireproofing solution to the service tunnels beneath the King Edward VII Galleries of the British Museum, ensuring that the Grade 1 listed building is protected.

Built between 1907 and 1914, the building sit above a series of tunnels and ventilation shafts which supply air into the gallery.

However, due to water ingress in the tunnels, there was concern as to the quality of the air supplied, and the impact this might have on the artefacts kept there.

Newton were called on to provide a solution to protect the tunnels against water ingress and fire, allowing the tunnels to be re-instated as the primary source of air to the galleries.

Newton worked with specialist contractor Arti and product partner Oldroyd to design and install Oldroyd Xtf membrane as a cavity drain waterproofing system to the walls and floors of the tunnels.

The project was successfully completed over 10 weeks, with Newton and Arti delivering a solution that is waterproof, fireproof, maintainable and reversible.

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