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Oldroyd® Xtf is a waterproof, fire resistant membrane designed specifically to protect tunnels from the detrimental effects of dripping water.

The membrane consists of a specially profiled, studded and grooved flame retardant polypropylene (PP) sheet, approximately 1 mm (40 mils) thick, onto which is laminated a high tensile strength, fire resistant woven fabric of basaltic mineral fibres.

Whilst the polypropylene sheet provides the structure of the membrane and ensures its waterproofness, the basaltic fibre fabric increases its mechanical strength considerably, as well as being of vital importance to the fire resistance properties of the membrane.

Oldroyd Tunnel Membranes

Norwegian manufacturer Oldroyd are the leading supplier of membrane systems for tunnels in Scandinavia. Through our exclusive partnership, we are delighted to act as the sole UK distributor for Oldroyd Xtf membrane, a uniquely sustainable fireproof and waterproof product for underground projects.

  • Key Benefits
  • Typical Applications
  • Technical Data
  • Fire Test to EN 13501-1
  • Available across the UK
  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • B-s2.d0 fire rating to EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009
    • Fire resistant for more than 20 minutes at >1000°C
    • Fixing average of 413 N to withstand the extreme negative pressure/suction of high-speed trains
    • Protection of the railway tunnel for a minimum of 60 years
    • Does not require covering, and so the whole of the overnight rail closure can be used for membrane fixing
    • Thoroughly tested in challenging Norwegian and Faroe Island railway tunnels
    • Toxic gas emissions during a fire are less than 10% of the maximum allowed level
    • CO2 formation is less than 20% of the maximum allowed level
    • Halogen free – No chlorine compounds, bromides or fluorides

    Typical Applications

    Typical Applications

    Tunnel membrane as part of the Newton CDM System.

    Suitable Substrate

    • Bare rock surface
    • Cast concrete walls
    • Vaults in escape routes
    • Technical rooms (or similar)


    Technical Data

    Technical Data

    Technical Data

    Properties Standard Unit Typical Value
    Thickness (approx.) mm ~ 1,6
    Height Total mm ~ 8
    Width m 1,20 / 1,50
    Length, Sheet m 2,40 – 3,00
    Length, Roll m 5 – 20
    Weight kg/m² 1,6 – 2,0
    Tensile Strength, Fibres MPa 1300
    Tensile Strength, Membrane MPa > 1000
    Softening Temperatures, Fibres DIN 51730 °C > 1100
    Heat Deflection Temp., Polyolefin ISO 75 (B) °C >120
    Moisture Content ISO 3344 % <0,2
    UL-Classification, Polyolefine UL 94 1.6 mm V0






    Properties Standard Unit Typical Value
    Fire Test, Classification EN 13509 B-s2.d0 Passed
    Fire Test SBI 1
    – FIGRA0.2MJ EN 13823 W/s <80
    – THR600s EN 13823 MJ <1
    – SMOGRA EN 13823 m²/S² <50
    – TSP600s EN 13823 <140
    – Fs, 30s EN ISO 11925-.2 mm <150
    Application Temperature, Long Term °C -30 – +40
    Plug Pull Out Force* N > 1000



















    *Provided solid rock or high quality concrete, applied in accordance to instillation guide.

    Fire Test to EN 13501-1

    Fire Test to EN 13501-1

    Available across the UK

    Available across the UK

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