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Oldroyd Xtf Fire Resistant Membrane

Fire Resistant Tunnel Waterproofing Membrane

Oldroyd XTF

Detail of Newton 503 Cavity Drain Membrane

3mm Cavity Drain Membrane for Basements

CDM 503 Membrane

3mm Meshed Cavity Drain Membrane For Basements

3mm Meshed Cavity Drain Membrane for Basements

CDM 503 Mesh Membrane

Detail of Newton 508 8mm Cavity Drain

8mm Cavity Drain Membrane For Basements

CDM 508 Membrane

8mm Recycled Cavity Drain Floor Membrane

8mm Recycled Cavity Drain Floor Membrane

508 eco Floor

Detail of Newton 508 Mesh Cavity Drain Membrane

8mm Meshed Cavity Drain Basement Wall Membrane

CDM 508 Mesh Membrane

8mm Cavity Drain Membrane & Gas Barrier

8mm Cavity Drain Membrane & Gas Barrier

CDM 508R

Newton 520 Cavity Drain Membrane

20mm Recycled Cavity Drain Basement Floor Membrane

520 eco Floor

Newton Fibran Closed Cell Insulation

Closed-Cell Slotted Insulation Board

CDM Fibran XPS-500C

Newton Basedrain Drainage System

Drainage System

CDM BaseDrain & FloorDrain

Newton Baseboard Drainage Conduit

Drainage Conduit

CDM BaseBoard

Newton Overtape

Ancillary Products For Use With Newton System 500

CDM System Ancillaries

Cross section of a Newton Pumping System

Cavity Drain Pumping System

Titan-Pro Pump System

Testing the Newton Positive Air Curtain System

Ground Gas & Hydrocarbon Vapour Mitigation

Newton PAC-500

BES6001The Newton Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM) System is a maintainable basement waterproofing solution, certified to BES 6001 by BRE Global, ideal for new-build basements and refurbishment projects.

The four components of the Newton CDM system

Comprising of four components: Cavity Drain Membranes, Drainage, Pumps and Control Systems, the Newton CDM System complies with the British Standard for Waterproofing and provides a Grade 3 habitable internal environment.

Cavity Drain Membranes and Drainage

Cavity drain membrane (CDM) systems are a maintainable, internal basement waterproofing solution, suitable for protecting below-ground environments against water that has penetrated through the structure. CDM Systems are known as ‘Type C’ waterproofing in British Standard 8102:2022 and are ideal for new-build, refurbishment and historic/listed projects.

Known as the most failsafe form of waterproofing, the cavity drain membranes capture ingressing water at the point of ingress, then the CDM drainage system manages and directs the water to an integral pumping system or drainage outlet for safe removal.

The Newton PAC-500 System also provides a combined CDM waterproofing and gas proofing system for below ground spaces that are at risk from ground gases.

Pumps and Control Systems

Once the water has been captured by the cavity drain membranes and drainage channels, it needs to be safely removed. The Titan-Pro is a packaged sump chamber and pump system designed specifically to be used with the Newton CDM System. Compatible with a variety of Newton pumps, it is ideal for almost any cavity drain waterproofing system.

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Cavity Drain System Ancillary Products

The Newton CDM System requires a number of specialist ancillary products that are critical for correct installation. At Newton, we supply the full range of ancillary items that are used in conjunction with our cavity drain membranes, drainage and pumping systems.


What are the advantages of drained cavity system?

The drained cavity system offers certified and failsafe basement waterproofing. It efficiently captures and removes water, ensuring a dry and protected environment. Its versatility makes it suitable for various projects, including new-builds, refurbishments, and historic buildings. The system also provides gas proofing capabilities for below-ground spaces. With compatible ancillary products and efficient water removal using pumps, the CDM System is a reliable and maintainable solution.

Cavity Drain Waterproofing Solutions Across the UK

We provide cavity drain waterproofing products and solutions across the whole of the UK:

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