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Cavity Drain Waterproofing Wales

The Newton Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM) System, certified with the prestigious BES 6001 accreditation by BRE Global, offers a sustainable solution for basement waterproofing in Wales. This system is suitable for both new construction of basements and renovation projects in the city.

The four components of the Newton CDM system:

Consisting of four essential elements: Cavity Drain Membranes, Drainage, Pumps, and Control Systems, the Newton Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM) System aligns with the British Standard for Waterproofing. This comprehensive system not only ensures waterproofing but also guarantees a Grade 3 habitable internal environment, meeting stringent quality standards for comfortable and secure living spaces in Wales.

Cavity drain membranes and drainage

Cavity drain membrane (CDM) systems represent a reliable and maintainable solution for interior basement waterproofing, designed to safeguard subterranean spaces from water infiltration in Wales. These systems are categorised as ‘Type C’ waterproofing in accordance with British Standard 8102:2022 and are well-suited for various construction scenarios, including new construction, renovations, and preservation projects within the city.

Renowned for their exceptional reliability, cavity drain membranes work by capturing incoming water precisely at the entry point. Subsequently, the CDM drainage system effectively handles and channels this water toward an integrated pumping system or drainage outlet for safe and efficient removal.

Additionally, the Newton PAC-500 System offers a combined approach, providing both CDM waterproofing and protection against ground gases for below-ground areas susceptible to such hazards within Wales. This integrated system offers a comprehensive solution to ensure the safety and longevity of underground spaces.

Pumps and control systems

After the cavity drain membranes and drainage channels have effectively captured the water, the next crucial step is secure removal. The Titan-Pro represents a prepackaged sump chamber and pump system meticulously engineered for seamless integration with the Newton Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM) System in Wales. It boasts compatibility with a range of Newton pumps, making it a versatile choice suitable for nearly any cavity drain waterproofing system.

Explore these projects that showcase the successful application of the Newton CDM System:

Cavity drain system ancillary products

The proper installation of the Newton Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM) System necessitates several specialised ancillary products, which play a pivotal role in ensuring its correct setup. At Newton, we offer a comprehensive selection of these ancillary items that are specifically designed to complement our cavity drain membranes, drainage components, and pumping systems in Wales.


When would you use cavity drain waterproofing as opposed to other methods?

Cavity drain waterproofing is ideal for areas where conventional methods, such as tanking, may not be suitable or practical. It is commonly used in situations where there is high water pressure, frequent water ingress, or limited access for installation and maintenance.

What are the advantages of drained cavity system?

The drained cavity system is a certified and highly dependable solution for basement waterproofing in Wales. It excels at capturing and expelling water, guaranteeing a dry and secure environment. Its adaptability renders it suitable for a wide range of projects, including new constructions, renovations, and the preservation of historic structures within the city.

Moreover, this system offers protection against ground gases in below-ground areas. When used in conjunction with compatible ancillary products and efficient water evacuation via pumps, the Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM) System stands out as a reliable and easily maintainable choice.

What is cavity drain waterproofing?

Cavity drain waterproofing is a highly effective and maintainable basement waterproofing solution suitable for both new-build basements and refurbishment projects in Wales and across the UK. This method employs a comprehensive system, consisting of cavity drain membranes, drainage channels, sump pump chambers, and sump pumps. These components work in harmony to create a controlled drainage system that efficiently manages moisture and prevents dampness within the structure.

In cavity drain waterproofing, cavity drain membranes made from high-density polyethylene are affixed to the walls and studs of the basement in Wales and other UK locations. These membranes create an air gap, which allows any moisture that penetrates the wall to drain down to the perimeter drainage channels.

These channels direct the moisture to a sump pump chamber, where a sump pump expels it safely away from the building. This process ensures that voids within the structure remain dry, protecting it from the damaging effects of moisture and condensation.

Whether you’re a homeowner planning a basement conversion or a contractor working on a refurbishment project in Wales or elsewhere in the UK, cavity drain waterproofing, which is recognised by the BBA as Type C waterproofing, offers a reliable solution for keeping basements and cellars dry.

You can explore more about this method on the relevant sections of the website, where detailed information on the installation process, plugs for sealing wall penetrations, and floor applications can be found. By utilising this controlled drainage system, you can transform damp and potentially unusable areas into valuable living spaces while safeguarding your property from the perils of moisture and dampness.

Cavity drain waterproofing solutions in Wales: choose your protection

Discover the most trusted range of waterproofing solutions in Wales, designed to protect your property from the challenges of moisture, dampness, and ground gases. At Newton Waterproofing, we offer a wide selection of top-quality cavity drain waterproofing products, listed below.

Choose Newton as your trusted partner in Wales for all your waterproofing needs. Contact us today to find the right solution for your project and ensure a dry, secure, and comfortable living or working space.

Cavity drain waterproofing products

Oldroyd Xtf Fire Resistant Membrane

Oldroyd XTF

  • Our fire-resistant tunnel waterproofing membrane, ensuring the utmost safety in critical areas.
Detail of Newton 503 Cavity Drain Membrane

CDM 503 Membrane

  • A 3mm cavity drain membrane designed specifically for basements.
3mm Meshed Cavity Drain Membrane For Basements

CDM 503 Mesh Membrane

  • The 3mm meshed cavity drain membrane, ideal for basement applications.
Detail of Newton 508 8mm Cavity Drain

CDM 508 Membrane

  • An 8mm cavity drain membrane engineered to safeguard basements.
8mm Recycled Cavity Drain Floor Membrane

CDM 508 eco Floor

  • Our eco-friendly 8mm recycled cavity drain floor membrane, combining sustainability with protection.
Detail of Newton 508 Mesh Cavity Drain Membrane

CDM 508 Mesh Membrane

  • The 8mm meshed cavity drain basement wall membrane for optimal moisture management.
8mm Cavity Drain Membrane & Gas Barrier

CDM 508R

  • Offering 8mm of cavity drain membrane along with a gas barrier, ensuring comprehensive protection.
Newton 520 Cavity Drain Membrane

CDM 520 eco Floor

  • A 20mm recycled cavity drain basement floor membrane for superior performance.
Newton Fibran Closed Cell Insulation

CDM Fibran XPS-500C

  • Closed-cell slotted insulation board to enhance insulation and moisture control.
Newton Basedrain Drainage System

CDM BaseDrain & FloorDrain

  • A dependable drainage system to efficiently manage water.
Newton Baseboard Drainage Conduit

CDM BaseBoard

  • The perfect drainage conduit to complement your waterproofing system.
Newton Overtape

CDM System Ancillaries

  • Explore our range of ancillary products tailored for use with the Newton System 500.
Cross section of a Newton Pumping System

Titan-Pro Pump System

  • Our cavity drain pumping system ensures effective water removal, preventing dampness.
Testing the Newton Positive Air Curtain System

Newton PAC-500

  • Ground gas and hydrocarbon vapour mitigation for added safety and protection.

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