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HydroCoat Tanking Slurry

  1. Simple Defense, Strong Bond: HydroCoat Tanking Slurry, a single-component mineral coating, effortlessly defends against hydrostatic pressure. Its advanced chemicals ensure a robust bond, applied easily inside and out.
  2. Two-Coat Powerhouse: Applied in just two coats, this slurry creates a 2mm waterproof shield, blocking pressures up to 7 bar. Its penetrating chemicals actively seal micro-cracks, enhancing structural strength.
  3. Versatile Damp-Proofing: HydroCoat Tanking Slurry adapts to various substrates, offering a versatile solution for damp-proofing. Protects against both pressurised and ground moisture for all-around defense.


A single-component, mineral coating that is simple to mix and easy to apply. Unlike conventional slurries, HydroCoat Tanking Slurry includes advanced crystallising and capillary-blocking chemicals that also enhance the bond of the coating to the substrate.

HydroCoat Tanking Slurry can be applied both internally and externally to a variety of substrates to form an effective barrier against positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, as well as non-pressurised moisture in the ground for use in damp-proofing applications.

Applied in two coats, the 2mm coating is waterproof against water pressure of up to 7 bar. In addition to increasing the bond, the penetrating crystallising chemicals react with water and the calcium hydroxide within the concrete to actively seal developing micro-cracks.

This product can be purchased as bag or bag within bucket.

  • Key Benefits
  • Typical Waterproofing Applications
  • Technical Data
  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • Easy to mix, single-component slurry coating
    • Brush, trowel or spray applied
    • 2 mm slurry coat is fully waterproof to 7 bar
    • Crystallising agents penetrate deep into the substrate to enhance bond and seal capillaries and small, developing cracks
    • Permanent waterproofing of a wide variety of substrates
    • Resists positive and negative water pressure and so is suitable for internal and external use
    • Resistant to salt contamination in masonry
    • WRAS approved for use with potable water
    • Suitable for application to damp substrate
    • Can be part-mixed
    • Vapour permeable

    Typical Waterproofing Applications

    Typical Waterproofing Applications

    • Basements & cellars
    • Retaining walls of concrete, brick and block
    • Tanks, pools, ponds & planters

    Technical Data

    Technical Data

    Features  Result
    Form Powder
    Colour Grey
    Pack Size 20 Kg
    Shelf Life 12 Months
    Pot Life @ 20ºC 30 Minutes
    Application Rate as Two Coat Tanking Slurry 2.8 Kg/m2
    Application Temperature +5 ºC to + 35 ºC
    Service Temperature -15 ºC to + 180 ºC
    Odour Odourless
    VOC Content  0%




     Cured Performance (Typical Values)  Result
    Slurry Tanking Thickness in One Coat 2mm
    Elongation Not elastometric
    Flexural Strength (28 Days) 7 N/mm2
    Compressive Strength (28 Days) 20 N/mm2
    Hardened Density (28 Days) 1850 Kg/m²
    Resistance to Water Pressure ≥ 7 Bar
    Reaction to Fire Classification EUROCLASS F
    UV-Resistance Stable but may discolour



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