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HydroCoat 105 1K

  1. Versatile Waterproofing Power: HydroCoat 105 1K, a single-component slurry, transforms with clean water for multiple uses. From surface repair to thin-section bonded screeds, it creates an impermeable barrier up to 10 bar water pressure on both sides of the structure.
  2. One Product, Five Solutions: HydroCoat 105 1K is your all-in-one solution. Whether it’s mortar, bag-rubbing mix, surface repair, fairing coat, or waterproofing render, a single bag covers it all. Keep it on hand for any application.
  3. Impermeable Defense, Anywhere: With advanced micro-silica polymer and fiber technology, HydroCoat 105 1K forms a dense matrix with high adhesion. Sprayed on by airless machine, it stands strong against 10 bar water pressure, making it your go-to waterproofing solution.

A single-component, polymer-modified, cement-based waterproofing slurry that incorporates advanced micro silica polymer and fibre technology. When cured, it creates a dense matrix with very high adhesion that is impermeable to water to 10 bar of water pressure to both the positive and negative pressure sides of the structure.

HydroCoat 105 1K waterproofing slurry

HydroCoat 105 1K is supplied as a single-component system, requiring only the addition of clean water to form a mortar, a suitable bag-rubbing mix, a surface repair product, a fairing coat/thin section bonded screed, and a waterproofing render. Add slightly more water or tanking slurry and apply by spray by airless machine.

HydroCoat 105 1K is one product with five uses. Keep a bag on the van at all times.

  • Key Benefits
  • Typical Waterproofing Applications
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  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • 2 mm slurry coat is fully waterproof and resists 10 bar positive and negative water pressure
    • Environmentally friendly, water-based product, ideal for use in confined spaces
    • Can be part-mixed
    • Can be applied as a mortar to 6 mm thickness and so can be used to waterproof, smooth and/or repair rough and uneven surfaces in just one application
    • Strong with quick strength gain – 13 MPa within 1 day
    • Quick drying times – rain tight within 1 hour
    • Odourless and VOC free

    Typical Waterproofing Applications

    Typical Waterproofing Applications

    • Waterproofing of structural concrete
    • Waterproofing of structural masonry
    • Waterproof smoothing or fairing coat for rough faced surfaces
    • Waterproof surface repair
    • Waterproof levelling and repair to floors
    • Filling surface pinholes to concrete and smoothing rough-faced block walls using bag rubbing technique

    Technical Data

    Technical Data

     Cured Performance  Result
    Colour Grey
    Slurry tanking thickness in one or two coats  2.0 mm
    Adhesion to concrete 2 MPa
    Elongation Not elastomeric
    Compressive strength – 1 day 13 MPa
    Compressive strength – 28 days  45 MPa
    Hardness (28 days) 78 Shore D
    Water vapour resistance – SD value (2 mm) 0.76 m
    Water vapour resistance – μ value (2 mm)  380 μ
    Water vapour resistance (2 mm)  3.8 MNs/g
    Water resistance – Positive & negative  10 Bar
    Reaction to fire classification F – Not tested
    UV resistance Stable but may discolour
    pH 12



    Why use waterproof cement?

    Waterproof concrete, also known as integral concrete, is typically recommended for water retaining structures and less critical basements that have a depth of less than 10 meters. This is applicable in situations where soil conditions are not aggressive and the potential consequences of flooding are not severe.

    How long does waterproof cement last?

    If homeowners follow the recommended maintenance of cleaning and maintaining their waterproofed concrete, it can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years. Using a power washer a few times a year should be sufficient for this purpose.

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