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Mortars and Plasters

A range of cement-based mortars suitable for where a high depth of repair or levelling to concrete is required, as well as compatible plasters for use with Newton’s range of meshed waterproofing and damp proofing membranes.

Rapid Set and High Strength mortars and plaster

Mortars and plasters are essential ancillaries in the installation of effective waterproofing. For example, our cement-based structural mortar HydroSeal 203-RM has been instrumental in a wide range of waterproofing projects. Mostly used for durable repairs to concrete structures, it can also be used to repair bridges, floors, footpaths, roads, runways, and decks.

Mortars such as this are also regularly used for concrete levelling where a completely flat and uniform surface is required quickly. With the addition of water, they create a rapid-curing mortar which will set quickly and be safe for foot traffic within hours.

Benefits of using Newton mortars

HydroSeal 203-RM is a single component, fast setting mortar. It is polymer modified and fibre reinforced with a high adhesion and compressive strength. The mortar can be installed up to 100mm deep, or it can be mixed with sharp sand to create a screed with a maximum depth of 300mm.

Overall, HydroSeal 203-RM provides the following benefits:

  • Strong and durable even at sub-zero temperatures
  • High bond strength greater than concrete
  • Sets in ten minutes for quick application
  • Resistant to 10 bar water pressure
  • Non-toxic when cured and suitable for use in reservoirs or other drinking water containment areas
  • Resistant to acid gases, chloride ions, and sulphates

Have a browse of some of our projects where HydroSeal 203-RM was used to create a durable waterproof area.

Tarmac Whitewall Plaster and mixing equipment

At Newton we also recommend Limelite Whitewall Plaster from our partners at Tarmac. Used in conjunction with our range of meshed damp proofing membranes, it provides a smooth white finish which is extremely hard and durable. A two-coat application is required when used with the meshed membranes, but a single coat is sufficient when applied to most other substrates.

To aid with on-site mixing and product preparation, we also supply a range of professional mixing equipment from Collomix. This includes a range of hand-held mixers, stirrers and mixing buckets, as well as a cleaning bucket, mixing stand and transport cart. This equipment helps to maximise mixing efficiency and ensures that all mortars and plasters are properly prepared prior to application.

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Rapid Set and High Strength Repair Mortar

Rapid Set and High Strength Repair Mortar

HydroSeal 203-RM

Tarmac Whitewall Plaster

Plaster For Newton Meshed Membranes

Tarmac Whitewall Plaster

Collomix Xo 55 Duo Mixer

Collomix Mixing Equipment

Mixers, Stirrers, Buckets and Mixing Stands

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