The decision of whether to use a liquid or sheet membrane is dependent on the suitability of the floor covering that will be used, with the general rule of thumb being that sheet membranes require heavier floor coverings, whilst liquid membranes are preferred where the floor covering will be directly adhered to the product. 

Option 1 - install a floor membrane

Two options are available when faced with a damp floor:
Replace the damp floor
Fully isolate the dampness from the floor covering

If the slab is in poor condition then the most comprehensive solution is often to replace it and install a new damp proof membrane below. However, in many listed properties the floor cannot be removed and so a new damp proof membrane must be laid above it in order to protect the new floor finish from the dampness within the slab.

Save Time with Newton Flooring Membranes

Often where a new slab has been laid, commercial time constraints dictate that the floor finish is laid before the new slab is fully dry. In such cases, Newton Floor Membranes can be laid as soon as the ‘green’ slab is able to take pedestrian traffic – often the next day – allowing for the new flooring to be laid almost immediately, even if it is moisture-sensitive.

Floor Membrane Finishing Options

Newton flooring membranes are available in various options in order to provide the ideal underlay for numerous flooring finishes, including:
Tongue and groove floorboards
Sports floors*
Timber flooring**
Vinyl flooring**
Carpets and carpet tiles**

* With specialist sports floor systems
** Over a base of tongue and groove floorboards

Advantages of Newton Membranes For Damp Floors

Quick and easy to install
Allows finishes to be applied whilst the damp floor is still drying out
Enhances acoustic and thermal performance
Can be applied over floors that are not uniform or fully level
Requires much less preparation than with liquid membranes

Option 2 - use a liquid-applied floor coating

As well as physical membranes, the liquid-applied Newton 110 WATstop damp proof membrane within the Newtonite System is especially useful in cases where:
The floor requires repair
Tiles are to be adhered directly to the floor
Underlay and carpet are to be placed directly to the floor without first laying tongue and groove floorboards

Newton 110 WATstop is mixed as a mortar and is ideal for filling slight surface damage, cracks, dents and holes, or to form internal smoothing fillets. Once this has been completed, water is added to the mortar to form a liquid damp proof membrane that can immediately be used to seal the floor. The textured surface of the cured membrane is ideal for tiling to, but should not be used as the final finish. 

Where the desired use of the space does not allow for a floor covering to be placed above the liquid membrane, such as with a garage floor, a liquid coating from Newton’s NewSeal System can provide a protective and decorative finish instead.

NewSeal products are fast-curing, available in a variety of colours and textures, and typically used for refurbishing and protecting commercial and domestic floors.
  • Newton’s liquid-applied floor coatings can be installed in the most demanding environments.


Liquid-applied flooring is ideal for larger areas such as warehouses and industrial units that are also subjected to repeated wear-and-tear by pedestrian, vehicular or warehouse traffic. Depending on the desired end use, in some instances a hard-wearing floor finish can be applied above the floor coating, whilst in other cases the hard-wearing floor coating itself will suffice. 

Newton’s team of technical experts can always advise on the best product or products for your project.

The NewSeal System provides solutions for all exposed flooring surfaces and all desired end uses

Case study - the National Badminton Centre, Milton Keynes

The large internal sports floor at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes required an extensive solution in order to deal with the damp floors. Newton 601 Slimline was installed quickly and easily across the badminton courts, isolating the new, high quality sports flooring above it from dampness in the floor slab.

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