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Flat Loose Laid High Grade Membrane

Flat Loose Laid High Grade Flooring Membrane

DampSafe 601 Slimline

Non-Meshed Damp Proofing Membrane

3mm Loose Laid Flooring Membrane

DampSafe 603


3mm Decoupling Mat for Tiling Floors

DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat

HDPE and HDPP Sheet Flooring Membranes

A range of HDPE and HDPP sheet flooring membranes which provide a damp proof solution for commercial and domestic floors. The membranes protect the floor finish by ‘decoupling’ it from the substrate, preventing damage as a result of movement and/or cracking.

Both Newton’s HDPE and HDPP waterproofing membranes provide excellent protection against water and water vapour; isolating internal flooring from dampness below, as well as contaminants such as alkalies, hydrocarbons, saline solutions and organic acids.

Both materials offer effective waterproofing protection and can be used in conjunction with other Newton products. whilst also protecting against substrate movement

Loose-Laid Flooring Membranes

Newton DampSafe 601 Slimline and DampSafe 603 are loose-laid sheet flooring membranes of 1mm and 3mm thickness respectively. Both can protect flooring from damp slabs and contamination, and can also be used as part of the Newton CDM System below ground or with Newtonite damp proofing membranes above ground.

Decoupling Mat for Tiling Floors

Newton DampSafe 603 Tile D-Mat is a 3mm decoupling mat that isolates the tiled floor surface from cracking or movement in the substrate, and prevents compressive stress from acting on specific points on the tiled floor.

The lightweight membrane is tough and durable, and the fleece surface on both sides absorbs tile adhesive to create an exceptional bond with both the subtrate below and the tiled floor above.


What is the advantage of sheet membrane system?

The use of sheet membrane offers the benefit of clear visibility, making it convenient to locate the membrane. Unlike liquid membrane, which can lead to unintended gaps in the seal during application, sheet membrane can be precisely cut to fit.

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