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Newtonite System

The Newtonite System can provide an effective solution for rising, penetrating or hygroscopic damp in above-ground structures. Regardless of the scenario, the correct combination and application of products within the Newtonite System will provide a comprehensive solution.

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The Types of Damp

Rising damp is when water from the ground rises through the capillaries of brickwork, stonework, or mortar. This results in dampness to the internal wall finishes which can be unsightly, unhealthy, and can also lead to hygroscopic damp, where moisture-attracting (hygroscopic) salts are deposited within the fabric of the walls. Rising damp is most common in houses built pre-1925 when damp proof courses were not commonly installed.

Penetrating damp is the result of water penetrating horizontally from the exterior through the fabric of a wall. It can occur in any building and, as well as lowering the thermal performance of the wall, it can lead to other serious problems such as frost damage.

All forms of damp can cause problems to internal wall finishes and contribute to an unhealthy environment. A permanent solution, which combines the correct products to combat the source of the problem, is therefore essential.

Identifying & Treating Damp Problems

Newtonite Products


Newton Newtonite Membrane (Non-Meshed)

  • 3mm damp proofing membrane
  • Easy to install
  • Does not require extensive or damaging wall preparations
  • Suitable for wall finishes include timber battens, dry linings or block walls


Newtonite Lath Mesh Membrane

  • Quick and easy to install
  • 3mm meshed damp proof membrane
  • Can be plastered, rendered, or receive dot & dab plasterboard
  • Ensures wall finish will never be affected by moisture or salts

Ancillary Products


Newtonite Plugs

  • For fixing Newtonite 803 to internal walls
  • Sealed with Newtonite 801 Mastic


Newtonite Cob Plugs

  • For fixing damp proofing membranes to less stable substrates
  • Supplied expansion pin enables the plug to gain better traction


Newtonite 801 Mastic

  • Multi-purpose silicone sealant for sealing plug penetrations
  • Prevents bridging between damp substrate and new internal surface
  • High resistance to ageing and extreme temperatures


Newtonite Mesh Tape

  • Single-sided butyl tape with a meshed surface
  • Reinforces joints between adjoining meshed damp proofing membranes
  • An excellent key for plasters and renders


Newtonite Back Box Liner

  • Single and double waterproof linings for electrical pattress boxes
  • Ensures continuity of the damp proofing behind the box
  • Sealed to the wall membrane with CDM Tape


Newtonite Joist Liner

  • Made to measure waterproof lining for steel or timber joist ends
  • Ensures continuity of the damp proofing behind the joist
  • Must be sealed to the wall membrane with CDM Tape


Tarmac Whitewall

    • Recommended finish for Newton Meshed Membranes
    • Provides a smooth white finish
    • Hard and durable

Consult an Expert

If you’re unsure as to the cause of dampness in your home, we recommend consulting a good, trustworthy damp proofing specialist.

Here at Newton, we can provide you with a list of damp proof specialists who cover your area and will often carry out a damp proofing survey free of charge. These approved installers are trained experts, so they can offer the best level of service and a reliable solution for the damp problem.

For more information on the Newtonite System and to find the products best suited to your project requirements, call our Technical Team on 01732 360 095 or email tech@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk.

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