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    The ancillaries comprise of a range of products that deal with fixing Newton System 800 to different substrates and surfaces, sealing the membranes and dealing with protrusions.
    Typical Applications

    Newton MultiPlug (A1) – For securing Newton System 500 membranes to the wall and for providing a fixing point for 5mm screws and the Newton Helifix Wall Tie

    Newton 800 Mesh Plugs (A16) – For fixing Newton 805 Newlath to walls

    Newton Helifix Wall Ties (WT 155 to 300) – For fixing into the head of the Newton MultiPlug for the tying in of block or brick internal walls that are built in front of the Newton System 500

    Newton 800 Newtonite Plugs (A20) – A blue variant of the Newton 800 Mesh Plug, supplied in smaller packs to match the roll size of Newton 803 Newtonite

    Newton Cob Plugs (A17) – For fixing System 800 membranes to less stable substrates

    Newton 800 Profile (A19) – Serves as a plaster stop for use with Newton 803 Newtonite and 805 Newlath

    Newton 801 Mastic (A18) – For application around the holes drilled for the fixing plugs and preventing damp from reaching internal wall finishes

    Newton PipeCollar (A35) – Self-adhesive, preformed pipe seal for sealing a flat membrane to a protruding pipe

    Newton Mesh Tape (A25) – A meshed variant of Newton Overtape for Newton meshed membranes

    Newton Back-Box Liner single (BX1) - Preformed waterproof lining for electrical pattress boxes

    Newton Back-Box Liner double (BX2) - Preformed waterproof lining for electrical pattress boxes 

    Newton Pipe Sleeve (BX3) - Preformed waterproof sleeve for 110mm pipe

    Newton Joist Liner (BX4) - Waterproof lining for steels and joist ends - size made to order 

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