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Newton Sealing Mastic

Sealing Mastic

Newtonite 801 Mastic

1200 Gauge Damp Proof Membrane

1200 Gauge Damp Proof Membrane

DampSafe 802-DPM

Non-Meshed Damp Proofing Membrane

Non-Meshed Damp Proofing Membrane

Newton Newtonite

Detail of Newtonite 803 Mesh Membrane meshed damp proof membrane

3mm Meshed Damp Proofing Membrane

Newtonite Lath Mesh Membrane

Diasen C.W.C. Stop Condense Anti-Mould and Anti-Condensation Paint

Anti-Mould And Anti-Condensation Paint

Diasen C.W.C. Stop Condense

Tub of Diasen BKK Water Repellent

Water Repellent Treatment For Exposed Walls

Diasen BKK

DampSafe-809-HP-DPC (3)

High Performance Physical Damp Proof Course

DampSafe 809-HP DPC

Newton tape for damp proofing

Ancillary Damp Proofing Products

Damp Proofing

Water feature

Damp Tolerable Epoxy DPM

Epoxy DPM

BBA Approved Damp Proof Membranes

A range of BBA approved damp proof membranes, coatings and ancillaries which are quick and clean to install and offer a permanent solution for damp proofing above-ground walls.

Meshed and Non-meshed Membranes for all your Damp Proofing needs

Newton supplies a selection of damp proofing membranes for above ground applications. These membranes isolate the new internal surfaces from any dampness within the wall, ensuring that it will never be affected by moisture or salts.

For example, Newtonite 803 membrane is used where the wall finish is timber battens, a dry-lining frame or a block wall. On the other hand, the Newtonite Lath provides a mechanical key for plasters, renders, and dot and dab plasterboard.

Sealants and Ancillary Products

When installing damp proofing solutions, specialist ancillary products are critically important for achieving a correct installation. Newton’s comprehensive range of ancillary products includes all of the essential items such as fixing plugs, sealing tapes, and liners for joists, back-boxes and pipes.

Another example is Newtonite 801 Mastic, a multi-purpose product that seals penetrations through the Newtonite membranes, preventing a bridge between the damp substrate and the internal surface.

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Preventing Mould & Water Penetration

Diasen C.W.C. Stop Condense is a white thermal coating for cold and poorly insulated surfaces. By warming the surface of the treated wall it prevents the formation of internal condensation and therefore also prevents the occurrence of mould.

Diasen BKK is a transparent and colourless wall coating that protects exposed external walls against driving rain and associated moisture penetration. The resultant dry wall is highly resistant to weathering and UV.


What is the best method for damp proofing?

The most effective way to damp proof walls using damp proof paint is by first applying the paint to the underlying surface and then covering it with a layer of render or plaster. This method forms a sandwich system that retains the damp proof layer within the structure of the wall, preventing the intrusion of moisture.

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