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Newton-trained contractor Structural Repairs are leading national specialists in renovating, strengthening and repairing commercial and domestic buildings. However, in 2020 it was their own requirements that were the focus of their efforts, as they sought to renovate a historic railway arch in Windsor in order to create a new head office for the business.

The Project

Structural Repairs' goal was to integrate their new office space into the iconic train station arches. However, the arches had been empty for 25 years, and also had significant water ingress through the existing brickwork, which was in extremely poor condition.

The Solution

Prior to installing a product to stop the water, Structural Repairs first had to prepare the existing brickwork, an essential step in any waterproofing project that is using a liquid-applied product. In such an old and contaminated structure, this required a combination of grit firing, torque cleaning, pressure washing and a doff machine (high pressure steam).

Following this, the brickwork was repaired where necessary and repointed using an appropriate lime mortar, before finally being ready for waterproofing.

To prevent further water ingress, Structural Repairs applied two coats of Newton 901-P to the entire brickwork structure over the course of four days. The high-quality epoxy formulation is ideal for application onto damp surfaces, whilst the low-viscosity penetrates deep into porous substrates in order to effectively seal the surface, making it the ideal product for Structural Repairs to be able to retain the original appearance of the brick arches.

The Result

Once nothing but a standard and empty railway arch, the office now stands as a fully furnished space with a range of individual work areas. An abundance of installations were made such as a fully furnished kitchen, three bathrooms, several offices and meeting rooms. The successful waterproofing of the brick walls using Newton’s product was essential in achieving this end result.

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“Waterproofing our office was an aspect which not only made up a large portion of our project, but was an element which we required to be up to a highly competent standard. The successful waterproofing of our brick walls was essential in order to create a comfortable and liveable space for ourselves and our team. As always, Newton Waterproofing delivered in every way possible, both regarding their practical solutions and outstanding customer care, and were an essential part of the process required to conduct a safe and successful renovation. We’ve been relying on Newton Waterproofing solutions for many projects now and will happily continue to do so in the future”. Ana Delgado, Marketing Executive - Structural Repairs

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