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Diasen logoDiasen, an innovative company based in Sassoferrato, Italy, began in 2000 with the aim of becoming a leader in green solutions for construction. Diasen develops new products by pushing experimentation of solutions and study of materials in the direction of environmental sustainability.

Diasen hold ever increasingly sought after Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) for two of the products below. EPD’s allow designers and specifiers to make more informed decisions for sites.

With three of Diasen’s products already part of our comprehensive waterproofing range, Newton is pleased to be partnering with the Italian company to supply their entire range of products to the UK waterproofing industry.

The three products we currently offer within our waterproofing solutions are:

  • Diasen WATstop a fibre-reinforced cement/epoxy workable mortar that can be used for the damp proofing of walls and slabs, the waterproofing of concrete structures, and as a primer for several of our liquid waterproofing products.
  • Diasen C.W.C Stop Condense a thermal coating for cold and poorly insulated surfaces that prevents the formation of condensation and mould.
  • Diasen BKK a transparent wall coating that makes the wall impervious to water ingress, protecting against frost damage and improving thermal efficiency.

Aside from the products listed above, Diasen also manufacture various other liquid, paste and bentonite waterproofing products, as well as solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation, restoration, primers, smoothers and more.

For more information on Diasen’s product range, or to speak to a member of our technical team about your next waterproofing project, please call 01732 360 095 or email tech@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk.

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