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Application of high build epoxy floor coating to a floor

High Build Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Top Coat

Tradecc Polyurea waterproof coating

Polyurea Waterproof Coating & Primer

TRADECC Waterproofing Solutions


A range of liquid applied protective and decorative internal flooring products. These coatings are fast curing, available in a variety of colours, and are typically used for the refurbishment and protection of commercial and domestic floors.

Waterproof Coatings for Internal Floors

Liquid waterproof coatings provide a fast-curing, straightforward and effective method for internal flooring protection.

At Newton, our coatings are compatible with both residential and commercial applications, and offer customers a cost-effective method for creating a durable floor coating or internal lining.

Epoxy Top Coat – High Build Epoxy Floor Coating

Newton Epoxy Top Coat is a solvent-free floor coating that has excellent adhesion and can provide protective and decorative properties to concrete, steel and other substrates.

The cured coating creates a tough and durable layer with excellent chemical resistance, suitable for a wide range of different applications including manufacturing units, food preparation areas, and industrial buildings.

Have a read of this project where Newton floor coatings were installed:

Polyurea Waterproof Coating

Our polyurea waterproof coating is a solvent-free, hot spray coating that cures into a flexible and impermeable membrane with outstanding chemical resistance properties.

The coating is ideal for repairing and protecting soil pipes, drainage canals, drainpipes, tank farms, industrial floorings, roof coverings, parking lots, conveyers, pavements, retention pounds, and bridges, amongst other applications.

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