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Ground Gas Barrier System

  1. Expert Ground Gas Protection: Newton, in partnership with A. Proctor Group, offers high-performance Ground Gas Barrier Systems across the UK. These BBA Certified gas membranes safeguard against Radon, Carbon Dioxide, and Methane while also serving as effective damp-proof membranes.
  2. Certified Gas Protection: A. Proctor Group’s gas membranes, available through Newton, ensure comprehensive protection against harmful gases. With BBA certification, they’re proven effective against Radon, Carbon Dioxide, and Methane, doubling as reliable damp-proof membranes.
  3. Dual-Purpose Gas Barriers: The ground gas barriers from A. Proctor Group, supplied by Newton, provide dual functionality. Not only do they protect against Radon, Carbon Dioxide, and Methane, but they also serve as efficient damp-proof membranes, offering a versatile solution for various applications.

A. Proctor Group are experts in ground gas protection systems. As partners of the Scotland-based company, Newton can supply their range of high-performance ground gas barriers across the UK. A. Proctor Group’s two main gas membranes are both BBA Certified and protect against Radon, Carbon Dioxide and Methane. Both membranes can also be used as a damp proof membrane.



Protech GM Super

Protech GM Super is a high performance reinforced gas barrier, that incorporates a 12 micron aluminium foil layer for maximum protection against ground-borne gases. The membrane is extremely robust and flexible due to it unique composition and, therefore, easy to install on site. When placed below the slab, the membrane also provides protection from damp.

PDF icon Protech_GM_Super_Datasheet

Protech VOC Flex

Protech VOC Flex is a high performance 6 layer flexible reinforced VOC gas barrier and it suitable for use on brownfield sites that require protection from dangerous contaminants such as hydrocarbons. Protech VOC Flex has been developed to ease installation on site due to the flexibility of the membrane. It is also suitable as a high performance damp proof membrane.

PDF icon Protech_VOC_Flex_Datasheet

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