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HydroBond 402-CCSM External Waterproofing Membrane

Waterproofing Membrane & Ground Level DPM

HydroBond 402-CCSM

HydroBond SA

Post-Applied Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane

HydroBond SA


Bitumen Protection Board for Waterproofing Membranes

HydroBond Protection Board

Waterproofing Membrane & Gas Barrier

Waterproofing Membrane & Gas Barrier

HydroBond 403 Plus

Detail of Newton Drainage Membrane

Drainage Membrane for Decks & Flat Roofs

NewSeal 408 DeckDrain

Application of Root Barrier to a balcony

Puncture Resistant Root Barrier Membrane

NewSeal 409 Root Barrier

Detail of HydroBond 410 GeoDrain Drainage Membrane

Externally Applied Drainage Membrane

HydroBond 410 GeoDrain


A. Proctor Group Ground Gas Membranes

Ground Gas Barrier System

Preformed External Waterproofing Membranes

A selection of preformed external waterproofing and drainage membranes, and Newton’s flagship self-healing Type A membrane HydroBond 403 Plus. Used externally, these products provide waterproofing solutions for earth-retained structures and covered decks.

What Are External Waterproofing Membranes?

External waterproofing membranes are a range of liquid-applied and sheet membranes that can either be post- or pre-applied to the exterior surface of a below-ground or earth-retaining structure.

The membranes are categorised as a ‘Type A’ form of waterproofing as per British Standard 8102:2022, which are designed to resist hydrostatic pressure and prevent water passing through the structure and penetrating the internal environment.

Newton supplies a wide range of external waterproofing membrane products, including our flagship HydroBond 403 Plus self-healing sheet membrane.

Newton HydroBond 403 Plus – Benefits and Applications

Newton HydroBond 403 Plus is a high-performance self-healing membrane that creates mechanical bond with the structural concrete and provides a waterproof envelope around the structure. The gas barrier variant also protects against radon gas, carbon dioxide and various hydrocarbons.

HydroBond 403 Plus is often combined with other Newton products to provide a comprehensive structural waterproofing solution. As a continuous external Type A membrane it is pre-applied to raft and wall formwork prior to the placement of the reinforced concrete.

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Newton Drainage Membranes

Drainage membranes protect the external waterproofing membrane and the structure from water pressure, chemicals in the ground and from damage during backfilling.

Drainage membranes such as HydroBond 410 GeoDrain consist of a geotextile filter layer that is thermally welded to a HDPE drainage membrane. This drainage layer prevents water pressure from coming to bear against a structure, provides protection against damaging chemicals in ground water and filters out any suspended soil particles that might block the membrane.

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