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FlexProof 106 System

  1. Rapid Rainproof Defense: FlexProof 106 System, a single-component liquid waterproofing, forms an elastomeric polymer membrane rainproof within minutes. Designed to handle severe building movements and deformations.
  2. Versatile Solutions, Quick Application: Comprising thixotropic X1 for joints and pourable NV for movement joints, FlexProof 106 System adapts to various needs. Enhance adhesion with FlexProof 106 Primer, and use FoamStop for joint support.
  3. Visual Application Guide: The animation demonstrates correct FlexProof 106-X1 application on a concrete construction joint, ensuring a seamless and effective waterproofing process.

Highly advanced single component liquid waterproofing material, which forms an elastomeric polymer membrane that is rainproof in minutes and capable of handling severe building movements and deformations.

The FlexProof 106 System is composed of two variants of the product, plus ancillaries:

  • X1 – A thixotropic variant that is applied as a paste and so is suitable as a surface sealant over joints.
  • NV – A lower viscosity variant that can be poured and is typically used within movement joints.
  • FlexProof 106 Primer (Product code: 916) – Improves adhesion to porous surfaces.
  • FoamStop (Product codes: FS1 to FS8) – Foam backing rod for movement joints.

The animation to the right shows the correct application of FlexProof 106-X1 to a concrete construction joint.

  • Key Benefits
  • Suitable For
  • Technical Data
  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • No mixing required – simply open the packaging and use.
    • Can be used in sub zero temperatures and on slightly damp substrate.
    • No primer required – saving on primer and labour costs.
    • 100% waterproof, but allows vapour diffusion.
    • Very flexible – Resistant to movement and fissures in substrate.
    • Excellent adhesion to suitable substrates.
    • Resistant to temperature variations maintaining its characteristics between -40ºC & 90ºC.
    • Excellent resistance to the high alkalinity of concrete.

    Suitable For

    Suitable For

    • FlexProof 106 X1 – Static construction joints in poured concrete retained structures.
    • FlexProof 106 NV – Non-static construction joints to precast concrete elements within retained structures.

    Technical Data

    Technical Data

     Cured Performance Result X1 / NV Variants
    Colour Grey
    Membrane thickness – over joints 2.5mm / N/A
    Membrane thickness – not over joints  2.0mm
    Adhesion to concrete >450 KPa
    Tensile strength  1.25N / 1.60mm²
    Elasticity when breaking – 2 mm film  250% / 450%
    Resistance to dilute acid/alkaline  Excellent
    Shore Hardness – A  40
    UV Resistance*  10 Years
    Reaction to fire classification – Euroclass  E

    * EN ISO 11431:2002 specifies a method for the determination of the adhesion/cohesion properties of sealants after cyclic exposure to heat and artificial light followed by a period of exposure to water at a defined temperature. The 10-year figure is an extrapolation of the results of these tests. The product may weather to with a slight yellow tint, but the product itself will not be

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