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Newton NewCoat System

The Newton NewCoat System is a specific solution, comprising of three specialist products, which delivers a hard-wearing and waterproof coating for internal flooring applications.

The products involved include a damp-tolerable pre-primer for porous surfaces, a damp-tolerable epoxy DPM, and a high-build epoxy floor coating.

The System is for internal use only, and the fast-curing, liquid-applied products ensure that you are able to achieve a fully sealed and waterproof surface in a relatively short space of time. The cured floor coating also exhibits excellent resilience, durability and protective properties, and has different decorative finishing options.

NewCoat 701-HB layered floor system

Typical Applications

As a waterproof, tough, chemical resistant floor coating, or as an internal lining for concrete or steel storage tanks containing oils, chemicals, water etc. Typical applications include as a flooring system for:

  • Warehouses
  • Plant rooms
  • Internal car parks
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Industrial units
  • Food preparation areas
  • Breweries
  • Abattoirs
  • Bottling factories
  • Aircraft hangers

NewCoat Products

NewCoat 901 PrimerEpoxy Primer

  • Damp-tolerable pre-primer for porous surfaces
  • Applied prior to NewCoat/DampSafe DPM
  • Can be applied just 7 days after concrete placement
  • Very damp tolerable

DampSafe NewCoat DPMEpoxy DPM

  • Damp-tolerable epoxy DPM
  • High-bond membrane provides a barrier to vapour
  • Easy to apply by brush or roller
  • Allows for the speedy application of NewCoat 701-HB

NewCoat 701-HBEpoxy Top Coat

  • High-build epoxy floor coating
  • Provides a decorative and protective finish to the floor
  • Tough, durable and resistant to chemicals
  • Easily applied and solvent-free

Consult an Expert

If you’re unsure as to whether the NewCoat System is what you need for your project or property, we recommend getting in touch with our team of Technical experts to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We can provide you advice, point you in the direction of the correct System for your needs, or put you in touch with a specialist waterproofing contractor who covers your area. These approved installers are trained experts, so they can offer the best level of service and a reliable installation of Newton’s products.

For more information on the NewCoat System and to find the products best suited to your project requirements, you can either fill in the form below, or contact our Technical Team on 01732 360 095 or tech@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk.

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