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Waterproofing Existing Basements

  • An existing basement will require waterproofing to comply with the British Standard for the Protection of Structures Against Water From the Ground (BS8102:2009). Newton System 500 is the recommended solution and complies with these requirements. The system comprises a range of BBA certified Cavity Drain Membranes and the associated drainage and ancillary products.
    Recommendations Of BS8102

    BS8102 recommends that in designing the waterproofing system, you should expect that water pressure will come to bear against the structure at some time in the future. This is very sensible, as it is impossible to predict future rainfall levels, changes in watercourses, or even possible burst water mains in the street adjoining the property. Because is not possible to determine the amount of water pressure surrounding the structure, BS8102 helps us once more by telling the designer to expect a full head of hydrostatic water pressure in most circumstances .

  • Newton System 500 is a drained waterproofing system, classified by BS8102 as a ‘Type C’ method of waterproofing, and it is used on a daily basis to waterproof both new build and existing structures.

    Newton System 500 Explained

    The internal Newton 500 System works efficiently as it is only dealing with relatively small quantities of water that are likely to ingress through the weakest point in the structure, the junction between wall and floor. The system works by allowing the water to depressurise in cavities created by the system. The depressurised water is then removed from the system by natural or pumped drainage.

    Because water cannot pass through solid concrete, water can only ingress at the weakest point in the structure. System 500 places depressurisation air spaces to intercept the water that may leak into the structure through the weaknesses in the structure.

  • Where the walls are of block, the following detail will be applicable.

  • Basedrain should also be placed to the construction joints to the floor to receive any water entering.

  • Important Note Regarding Drainage

    Water entering the Basedrain channels must be removed from the structure. Natural drainage can be used if available, and the Basedrain channel has connectors to allow for connection into a variety of natural drainage if available.

    If no suitable natural drainage is available to receive water collected by the waterproofing system, a sump pump system should be included in the build. If suitable natural drainage is available, the specification can be changed to utilise the natural drainage. However, we strongly recommend that if natural drainage is used, it should not be possible for the drainage to back up to the waterproofing system.

  • Newton Specialist Basement Contractors

    Newton Specialist Basement Contractors (NSBC) have undertaken stringent training and quality assessment to reach the required standard. We strongly recommend that a NSBC contractor is employed for the installation of the system. As well as offering meaningful guarantees themselves, all NSBC contractors are able to offer Insurance Backed Guarantees from the GPI, the only independent insurance scheme available for insuring of basement waterproofing systems.

    Most NSBC contractors will also take on the design liability for the project through their PI if included at an early enough stage.

Technical Drawings

All of the drawings used in the above specification and many others are available in .dwg format for use in AutoCad and other drawing packages here: Download Technical Drawings. All drawings are to scale, and can be used with permission for insertion into architect’s drawings for production of working drawings of the waterproofing system.

Further Information and Installers

Please call the Newton Waterproofing Systems on 01732 360 095 or email Alternatively you can Request A List Of Newton Specialist Basement Contractors in your area