Indeed, these services are so ‘joined up’ that our most robust waterproofing specification is supported by something completely unique - a design and installation service backed by a 10-year latent defects and consequential loss warranty from a UK based, A-rated insurer.

Complete peace of mind

Getting waterproofing wrong can be very costly in terms of time, money and reputation. For example, between 2005 and 2013 the process of resolving failed waterproofing in 890 homes cost the NHBC over £21,000,000, as well as the considerable time required for the rectifications. It’s therefore clear that failure cannot be an option - by working with Newton you get experts at the heart of your project who are dedicated to getting it right and ensuring its success.

Waterproofing scheme designers can now be considered culpable if things go wrong - so ensure you’re working with a company that can support your project from the very start to a successful conclusion - and afterwards.

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Why specify Newton Waterproofing?

Eliminate the risks of a costly waterproofing failure
Installation by our nationwide network of specialists offers a guaranteed 'end to end' solution
A bespoke design service from our hugely experienced waterproofing team
Dedicated site reporting and quality assurance documentation

What's your project?

  • The waterproofing method adopted for a new-build basement requires careful consideration as failure to make the correct decision can have a major impact on the effectiveness of the system and the potential use of the basement.

  • The key when waterproofing a basement conversion is choosing the right products to achieve the degree of waterproofing required for the intended use of the basement. 

  • Waterproofing designers are advised by BS 8102:2009 to consider using more than one type of waterproofing to enhance protection of the structure. Consideration also needs to be given to other areas of the structure – car parks, decks and roofs. 

Recent success stories

  • Protecting Christian Dior London

    Internally and externally waterproofing the below-ground developments of the extended Christian Dior store on New Bond Street, with Newton 403 HydroBond, Newton 107F and Newton System 500.

  • Waterproofing a Basement in Surrey

    Newton System 500 was used to waterproof a large basement area as part of a prestigious new-build property in Surrey, installed by Newton Specialist Basement Contractor MacLennanUK.

  • Waterproofing the Hotel Football

    Newton combined waterproofing systems were applied as part of a complex waterproofing design. NSBC Trace Basements were chosen as experts to waterproof The Hotel Football.

  • Waterproofing Riverside Properties

    This multi-million pound Listed property was refurbished, extended and waterproofed by Wing Waterproofing with Newton System 500. 

“Structural waterproofing has always been a consideration of our designs and we work with Newton Waterproofing on a very regular basis – partly because they are so helpful and our experience of them has been great. We’re not experts in waterproofing, so by working with a company who are proactive and always willing to provide solutions and work alongside us is very important. Newton understand that which is why the offer the service they do: to help architects and help designers provide a robust waterproofing solution”

Alex Naraian, Associate Director, ADAM Architecture