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HydroCoat 103 2K

  1. Rapid Defense, Lasting Protection: HydroCoat 103 2K ensures swift, airless application for unbeatable waterproofing. Withstand extreme pressures, safeguarding reservoirs, tanks, and structures for lasting protection.
  2. Adaptable Strength, Anywhere: Versatile HydroCoat 103 2K adapts to podiums, balconies, and more. Defends against sulphate challenges, forming a robust barrier with enhanced chemical resistance for enduring durability.
  3. Total Defense, Extended Lifespan: Beyond waterproofing, HydroCoat 103 2K fortifies against acids, moisture, and chlorides. Ideal for highways and coasts, it reinforces joints, promising comprehensive, long-lasting structural integrity.

Cementitious waterproofing membrane with high adhesion that can be applied very quickly by airless spray. For reservoirs, water tanks, below ground structures, podium decks, balconies and parking areas.

Capable of resisting extremely high positive and negative water pressure, HydroCoat 103 2K forms a hard, highly alkaline coating with a degree of elasticity which has greatly enhanced chemical resistance and so is particularly suited for the protection of concrete within sulphate contaminated ground.

It has excellent resistance to the ingress of acid gases, moisture and chlorides to enhance the durability of reinforced concrete and protect highway and coastal structures from chloride attack. HydroCoat 103 2K is reinforced over static joints and at details and changes of direction with HydroCoat 912-RT.

  • Key Benefits
  • Typical Waterproofing Applications
  • Technical Data
  • Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    • Very waterproof – Resistant to 10 bar positive and negative pressure.
    • Quick application in one coat to horizontal surfaces.
    • Non-toxic when cured.
    • Sprayable – Up to 2 m2 per minute is possible.
    • Hard, durable and UV-stable trafficable finish.
    • All year round application to damp substrate.
    • Can be applied at temperatures as low as 5°C.
    • Very low VOC content.
    • Very high diffusion resistance to carbon dioxide gas and chloride ions; equivalent to 100 mm of concrete cover.
    • Excellent adhesion to sound prepared concrete substrates and steel.
    • Thixotropic – can be applied at 1 mm to vertical surfaces.
    • High build coating of 2 mm eliminates the incidence of small defects seen within thinner membranes.

    Typical Waterproofing Applications

    Typical Waterproofing Applications

    • Podium decks, balconies and car parking areas.
    • Concrete water-retaining structures such as water tanks and reservoirs.
    • Concrete earth-retaining foundation walls to both the positive and negative side.
    • Internal concrete surfaces of walls and rafts or slabs to earth-retained structures such as habitable basements, car parks, plant rooms and lift-pits.
    • Concrete temporary lay down and working areas.

    Technical Data

    Technical Data

     Cured Performance  Result
    Colour Grey
    Membrane thickness in one or two coats  2.0 mm
    Adhesion to concrete >2 MPa
    Tensile strength  >2.5 MPa
    Elongation  3 to 5%
    Compressive strength – 1 day  >10 MPa
    Compressive strength – 7 days  >30 MPa
    Compressive strength – 28 days  >40 MPa
    Hardness (28 days) >75 Shore D
    Water vapour resistance – SD value  0.91 m
    Water vapour resistance – μ value  455 μ
    Water vapour resistance  4.55 MNs/g
    Water resistance – Positive & Negative  10 Bar
    Reaction to fire classification  A2-s1
    Biological resistance DWI regulation 31 approved
    Thermal compatibility  >2 MPa
    UV resistance – stable but will discolour  50 Years
    pH  12-14

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