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Newton and our Specialist Contractor Premier Contractors were called in to provide a complete waterproofing solution for this new Doctor’s surgery in Tavistock, Devon, after the main contractor found themselves struggling with the waterproofing design and installation on this unusual new building.

The Project

Newton Specialist Contractor Premier Contractors were tasked with waterproofing a new-build doctor's surgery in Tavistock, Devon, after the main contractor found themselves struggling with the waterproofing design and installation. The unusual shape of the new structure presented a challenge for Premier’s installers, as did the need to provide a completely dry ‘Grade 3’ environment, all within a tight timescale.

The Solution

As defined by British Standard 8102:2009, a Grade 3 internal environment is required to be completely dry, and it is therefore no surprise that this is what was required at this new-build medical facility. Knowing that the best means of achieving this would be by combining different types of waterproofing systems, Premier opted to install both a Type A barrier membrane, and a Type C cavity drainage system.

They began with the liquid-applied Newton 109-LM, a single-component, seamless Type A membrane that is quick and easy to apply, and suitable for all below-ground or earth retaining structures.

With the first form of waterproofing in place, the Newton CDM System was then installed internally as the truly failsafe method of preventing any water from reaching the internal finishes, even if it did manage to make it past the 109-LM. With Phase 1 of the project swiftly completed, Premier are ready and waiting for the main contractor to finish the slab, so they can install the drainage and pumping systems and complete the waterproofing.

The Result

Premier Contractors stepped in and installed quality products within a tight timeframe, proving the value of using professional, specialist waterproofing contractors, and will also be able to provide the client with an insurance-backed guarantee when the work is complete.

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“Premier Contractors were delighted to step in on this project and fulfil the role of specialist waterproofing contractor where the main contractor did not have the same experience in specifying and installing complete waterproofing solutions. With our local expertise and by working directly with the project contractor and architect, it was a relatively straightforward task to design and install the Type A and Type C waterproofing, even considering the unsual construction of the new building. This whole process is also made significantly easier by working directly with Newton Waterproofing Systems as one of their specialist waterproofing contractors - their technical support is second-to-none and we can always rely on them to deliver their high-quality products quickly to site to get the job done” Peter Willis - Premier Contractors Ltd, Newton Specialist Basement Contractor

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