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Newton System 500 provides a complete waterproofing solution for a boathouse situated on the River Thames, installed by Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Stonehouse.

The Project

Newton Waterproofing Systems were contacted to provide a solution for a delightful boat house on the River Thames.

The property originally had a wet dock but this had been back filled and capped with a concrete floor. The client wished to use the ground floor as a bedroom, but during a recent flood the water level had reached 500mm internally.

The Solution

Newton System 500 provided the ideal solution, as it works by redirecting the water, rather than trying to hold water back – which would be impossible under such pressurised conditions. Newton 508 Mesh was chosen for the walls, Newton 520 to the floor with a Newton Basedrain ring around the perimeter. Two Newton Titan Pro pump systems were used, which included a battery back up system.

Newton System 500 was installed to this property by Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Stonehouse Basements

Rather than holding water pressure back, therefore, it was accepted that the river would penetrate the structure and would be pumped out. The system is designed so that ingressing water is depressurised by the Basedrain and then moved around the Basedrain ring to the two Titan sump chambers. The chambers each had 40mm discharge lines exiting the structure. Both pump systems had non-return valves so if the river rose over the level of the pipe the pumps would still be effective.

The Result

The full waterproofing system was installed in little over a week. The major test came when the River Thames rose against the property to a depth of over one metre! The Newton System 500 waterproofing system coped with the water ingress as designed. At the height of the flooding all three pumps in each sump chamber were operational. The system proved to be fully successful.

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