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Concrete is a robust building material, and also the best choice of material for your structure when building below ground. However, there are still occasions when concrete repair is required to ensure its integrity, either due to issues during placement and/or curing, or due to deterioration over time.

There are various factors that can contribute to the deterioration of concrete elements, including weathering, chemical attack, structural movement, and general wear and tear; these issues can manifest in issues such as cracks, spalling, and leaks, compromising the structural integrity and functionality of the concrete.

At Newton Waterproofing, we understand the importance of timely and effective concrete repair, and we offer a comprehensive range of high-performance solutions specifically designed to address a wide variety of concrete repair challenges.

Identifying Concrete Repair Needs

Concrete Injection & Sealing

The first step towards successful concrete repair is a thorough assessment of the damage. Common issues we can address include:

Cracks: Cracks can vary in size and severity. Our solutions cater to all types, from hairline cracks to structural cracks, which may also be dynamic and move with thermal expansion and contraction.

Spalling: Spalling refers to the flaking or detachment of material from the surface of the concrete. In most cases, surface spalling is an indication that the steel reinforcement is degrading, which, if untreated, may compromise the structural integrity of the structure.

Leaks: Water leaks through cracks or defective joints can cause significant damage, lowering the pH of the concrete to a point where it no longer prevents the carbonisation of the reinforcing steel, which can lead to spalling and structural failure. Our concrete repair solutions also delivery effective leak-sealing properties.

Honeycombing: Honeycombing refers to voids within the concrete matrix, often caused by inadequate compaction during concrete placement, or improper curing. If present, honeycombing can weaken the concrete, reduce its durability and also provide avenues for water penetration.

Newton Waterproofing: Your Partner in Concrete Repair

HydroSeal 203-RM Cement Based Mortar

Our concrete repair portfolio encompasses a variety of solutions to address these challenges:

High-Performance Repair Mortars: Our cementitious repair mortars offer superior strength, adhesion, and durability. These are ideal for filling cracks, spalled areas, and honeycombed sections.

Injection Resins: Our range of injection resins offer a remedial repair solution, as they can be utilised to close cracks and voids, to seal against leaks, to flexibly seal across crack flanks and to reinstate structural integrity between the sides of cracks and voids.

Specialist Sealing Systems: For dynamic or moving cracks and construction joints, we provide flexible repair systems, both liquid-applied and utilising joint-sealing tapes, that can accommodate movement while maintaining a watertight seal.

Waterproofing Membranes: Externally applied waterproofing membranes may be specified to protect the concrete against aggressive chemicals within the groundwater, and to prevent water entering the structure via defects in the concrete.

To complement our concrete repair systems we also offer a comprehensive range of post-applied waterproofing slurries to waterproof the concrete repair products.

The Benefits of Choosing Newton Waterproofing for Concrete Repair

By selecting Newton Waterproofing for your concrete repair needs, you can expect several key advantages:

Durable, Long-Lasting Solutions: Our concrete repair products are formulated for long-term performance, ensuring a lasting repair that minimises the need for future interventions.

Compatibility: Our choice of solutions ensure that there will always be a repair option that is compatible both with your type of structure and the nature of the repair issue.

Ease of Application: Many of our concrete repair products are formulated for user-friendly application, minimising disruption on-site and ensuring a quick return to service of the structure.

Expert Support: Our team of waterproofing specialists and network of specialist contractors are available to offer technical advice and expert installation throughout the concrete repair process.

Don’t Let Concrete Defects Compromise Your Projects

Timely and effective concrete repair is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of your buildings. At Newton Waterproofing, we have the expertise and solutions to address any concrete repair challenge you may face.

Contact Newton Waterproofing today to discuss your specific project requirements and explore how our concrete repair solutions can restore and protect your concrete structures.

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