Hotel Football, Manchester

The “Hotel Football” is an innovative hotel concept on the doorstep of Old Trafford football stadium. The 135-bed Hotel Football will feature a five-a-side pitch on the roof and house a supporters’ club – with the 10-storey building having capacity for around 1,500 fans on match days.

Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Trace Basements had been appointed from the design stage to waterproof the Hotel Football and Newton System 500 was applied internally.


Waterproofing The Hotel Football was a highly complex waterproofing project. Due to the sloped ground, this slab is at 4 levels with steps along. There is a retaining wall comprising pile, capping beam, multi level slabs, upstands and blockwork off either slab or upstand. The upstands are all kickerless, therefore there are multiple construction joints and also pipe penetrations.

Trace applied 101F / Angle Joint tape reinforcement along construction joints in the same plane and 107 construction joint fillet details at horizontal and vertical changes of direction and entire 101F membrane from underside of cavity tray to 500mm down the outer face down past the capping beam / slab construction joint. Newton 104 Crystalline Waterproofing was applied to the concrete structure to provide primary resistance to the penetration of water.

Other structural waterproofing materials used:

306 Swell Mastic with the waterbar.
Newton 403 Hydrobond below ground around 4No lift pits, one being a double lift.
309 Contact Adhesive sealing the Hydrobond bottom side around to the pile caps under the lift pits.
207 DeckDrain externally over the pile cap face / slab top along the canal side and externally on the capping beam and slab face/slab top all around at the upper ground floor.
Flexproof-XI to seal vertical gaps between below cavity tray blockwork and structural columns.
  • Proximity to the canal meant a robust waterproofing system was needed

  • Newton 508 addressed to retaining wall

  • Application of Newton 101F and 107 along construction joints and pipe penetrations


The flexible characteristics of Newton 101F flexible waterproof membrane allowed for a seamless waterproofing across the deck, vertical upstands and joints. Newton 107 QuickFillet fast setting mortar allowed for minimal down time, even in challenging weather conditions.

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