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    Data Sheet

    Product Overview

    Code: 302
    Packaging: 120m coils
    Colour: Light blue

    Compatible Injection Resins

    Newton 322-SP Flexible Polyurethane Resin

    Newton 323-SA Flexible Acrylic Resin

    Ancillary Products

    Code: PVC1, PVC2, PVC3 and PVC4
    Packaging: 50m lengths
    Colours: White, Green, Blue or Red
    Quantity Required: 5-10m per 10m of hose


    Code: HC2
    Packaging: Boxes of 100
    Quantity Required: 95-100 per 10m of hose


    Code: SXA
    Packaging: Boxes of 30
    Quantity Required: 1 per 10m of hose


    Code: PN2
    Packaging: Bags of 100
    Quantity Required: 2 per injection port


    Code: PN3
    Packaging: Bags of 100
    Quantity Required: 2 per injection port


    Code: HC1
    Packaging: Bags of 100
    Quantity Required: 4 per 10m of hose

    25mm HEAT-SHRINK

    Code: HS25
    Packaging: 1-metre lengths
    Quantity Required: 0.1m per 10m of hose

  • Newton 302 Injection Hose features micro-ports equally spaced over the entire circumference of the hose, and when injected with injection resin at 1-bar of pressure or above the microscopic ports open and the low-viscosity resin penetrates deeply into the concrete surrounding the construction joint.

    The injection hose is compatible with both polyurethane and acryic injection resins, and when installed and injected correctly Newton 302 Injection Hose improves the watertightness of the 'Type B' waterproof structure by sealing the joints and encouraging improvements in the quality of the concrete placement.

    Key Benefits

    Resistant to permanent water pressure of 2 bar

    Can be used with both polyurethane and acrylic resins, such as Newton 322-SP and Newton 323-SA

    Hose is not displaced or damaged by the concrete compaction process

    No kicker or rebate required, reducing site labour costs

    The injection hose is unaffected by weather exposure and site works resulting from project delays

    Guaranteed continual flow of the injection material due to the star-shaped interior geometry, even if the hose follows sharp bends

    Quicker to install than conventional waterbars

    Seals the whole of the joint, not just the few millimetres around the joint and so prevents the water entering the joint and reaching the reinforcement steel

    Resistant to sewage, chlorine and sulphides

    Integrity is maintained throughout the building life and is not effected by continuous wet/dry cycles

    Can be used with or without a kicker

    Will not ‘free-swell’ into voids and be washed away as is the case with bentonite based waterbars

    Typical Applications 

    Post-construction sealing of construction joints within reinforced concrete earth retained structures

    Sealing voids and poorly compacted concrete at construction joints

    Suitable Construction Joints 

    Concrete walls supported from a raft - with or without a kicker

    Within concrete walls

    Within concrete rafts or slabs

    Concrete slab to concrete or steel piled wall

    Concrete slab to brick/block wall

    Suitable Substrates

    Reinforced concrete

    Steel piled walls (welded flange required)

    Brick or concrete block walls