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    Declaration of Performance M1R & M2R

    Declaration of Performance M1 & M2

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    Product Overview

    Code: M1
    Size: Roll 2.4m x 20m
    Colour: White
    Weight: 500g/m²
    Area: 48/m²

    Code: M2
    Size: Roll 2.5m x 20m
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 800g/m²
    Area: 50/m²

    Codes: M1R & M2R
    Sizes: Roll 2.4 / 2.07m x 20m
    Colour: White
    Weight: 700g/m²
    Areas: 48/40/m²

    Code: M3
    Size: Roll 2m x 20m
    Colour: White
    Weight: 600g/m²
    Area: 40/m²

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  • Newton 508 is the most commonly used membrane within our Newton System 500 waterproofing system that includes Newton drainage and pumping systems.

    Newton 508 is guaranteed against deterioration for 30 years, with a life expectancy of at least 50 years (DIN 9001:2000) and is supported by BBA Certification Number 94/3010.

    Key Benefits of Newton 508

    Does not require extensive and damaging preparation to the wall surface.

    Speed of installation.

    Provides vapour control and when used with humidity control systems is capable of delivering an environment to all levels within a Grade 3 environment to BS8102:2009

    Independently certified as a barrier to hydro-carbon gasses, radon and methane.

    Newton 508 is available in the following variants:

    508 (Code M1): 2.4m x 20m – 48m²

    508 eco Floor recycled membrane (Code M2): 2.5m x 20m – 50m²

    508R gas barrier (Codes M1R & M2R): 2.07m x 20m & 2.4 x 20m – 41.4m² & 48m²

    508 Mesh (Code M3): 2m x 20m – 40m²

    Typical Applications
    As a waterproofing membrane as part of Newton System 500 and be used as both the wall and the floor membrane for the waterproofing and gas control of:






     BS 8102:2009 The British Standard for Waterproofing
    The British Standard 8102:2009 Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From the Ground is the main design guide for structural waterproofing in the UK.  

    Newton System 500 is a maintainable system, so complies with BS8102 requirements. BS8102 also specifies that:  “a waterproofing specialist should be included as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing is created

    Therefore it is our recommendation that Newton System 500 is installed by a Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC). 

“Having worked with the quality products from Newton System 500 range for the last 14 years we have every confidence when issuing our long term guarantee on installations. The durability and performance of the products in service have proved exemplary.”  

Gary Briscoe, Protectahome