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Newton System 500 used as a flood defence system in three previously flooded cottages in South Hinksey in Oxford, installed by Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Stonehouse.

The Project

South Hinksey suffers from high flood risks and recently has had severe flooding problems affecting the majority of the properties. Previously, in 2007, a major flood engulfed the village with devastating results.

Phil Hewitt Associates designed a flood protection system and Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Stonehouse were commissioned to design and install Newton System 500 robust flood management system. The system was installed in five individual properties where the clients were extremely worried about future flooding and needed a system that would work in conjunction with flood defence systems to keep their properties dry.

The Solution

The properties to be treated varied in their substrates, including a combination of Cotswolds Stone and 9 inch brick work. Stonehouse tailored the flood management system to each particular properties needs. In all circumstances the Newton System 500 cavity drain membrane system was installed with sump and pumps to manage any ingression of water through the building fabric and through the floor to the sump and pump systems so problem water could be evacuated in the event of ingress.

The Result

With the major flood in Oxfordshire in November 2012, these systems were tested to the extreme, with 500mm to 800mm of water engulfing the village completely. The Newton System 500 Flood Management System protected all the properties it was installed in with parties all around being flooded and in some cases evacuated from their homes.

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“My friends and family were amazed how well the system did exactly what it was supposed to. Following the event, I have not had to claim on my insurance, I have not had to clean up or had any stress put on me, as my home was saved. I believe that due to your waterproofing I will be able to at any point sell my house and that due to the waterproofing system it will actually add value. My neighbours whom had not installed the flood protection were devastated at the amount it is going to cost them to repair the damage caused by the flooding, the stress it caused and is causing and the sheer turmoil it leaves behind.“
Detective Sgt Maria Banks - Local CID, Oxford Police Station.

Testimonial written during recent Oxfordshire floods. Flood mitigation system installed by Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Stonehouse Basements

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