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Written by Warren Muschialli

Newton Waterproofing is proud to have been named a winner in this year’s celebrated National Building and Construction Awards, in recognition of our commitment to sustainability.

Launched in 2019, the awards aim to raise the profile of industrious and enterprising building and construction businesses across the country, recognising excellence in the field.

Taking gold in the ‘Green/Sustainability’ category, which focuses on sustainable projects and their impact on the environment, Newton has been recognised for our extremely successful Recycling Service.

Winning gold in the Green/Sustainability category in 2022 marks the second National Building and Construction Award that Newton has received, and is the 6th construction industry accolade that the multi-award winning Recycling Service has received.

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What Is The Newton Recycling Service?

The Newton Recycling Service is the first closed-loop recycling scheme in the UK waterproofing industry. Run in collaboration between Newton and our Specialist Basement Contractors, the scheme actively collects and recycles off-cuts of HDPE waterproofing membrane and the plastic tubs and metal containers that hold our liquid waterproofing products from across the UK, for re-use in the construction industry.

How does the Recycling Service work?

Since 2017, the Recycling Service has evolved into a streamlined and efficient process – from Newton’s warehouse, waterproofing products such as HDPE cavity drain membranes are delivered to our specialist contractors across the UK, who then install them and collect all of the off-cuts and waste in dedicated Newton bags.

Whilst making deliveries of new products to its specialist contractors, Newton collects the full bags of recycling and returns them to the Newton head office on the backload, thereby avoiding creating additional emissions.

Thanks to an investment in an industrial granulator, plastics are then processed in-house according to the type of material, and stored in our warehouse in bulk bags.

Once a large quantity of processed material has been accumulated, the bulk bags are collected by one of the UK’s largest plastic recyclers, who transform all of it into new raw materials, ready for the next stage in its lifecycle.

What Has The Newton Recycling Service Achieved?

According to our fifth annual Sustainability Report, Newton recycled 2.608 tonnes of membrane in 2021 by collecting 126 bags of waste membrane offcuts and used containers. This avoided the production of 2.99 tonnes of carbon dioxide – the equivalent to over 11,712 kilowatt hours of energy.

Overall, since 2017, Newton has prevented 22.67 tonnes of HDPE membrane from going to landfill.

To translate this into more quantifiable figures, 22.67 tonnes of recycled HDPE equates to:

  • Preventing 26.05 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere
  • Saving 101,833 Kilowatt Hours of energy
  • Energy which is worth a total of £14,633
  • Which is enough energy to make over 3.62 million mugs of tea

Newton Waterproofing’s Managing Director Warren Muschialli comments: “It’s an honour to have been named a winner in the National Building and Construction Awards. We’re incredibly proud of our Recycling Service, and for it to be recognised by the judges must mean we’re doing something right.

“We look forward to developing our sustainability targets further in 2023, and are committed to helping shape the UK’s green agenda and providing sustainable construction by helping combat the industry’s waste problems.”

Recycled Product Range

Newton Waterproofing is completely committed to continually finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Whilst the Recycling Service is the hero of our efforts, we also look to improve in every aspect of the company, including our recycled product range.

Working closely with our suppliers, we have added three waterproofing products to our range that are manufactured using recycled plastic, without any negative effect on their durability, longevity or performance.

For more information about Newton Waterproofing’s Recycling Service, call 01732 360 095 or email info@newtonwaterproofing.co.uk.

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