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    Product Overview

    Code: M3
    Packaging: Roll 2.0m x 20.0m
    Colour: White / Translucent
    Area: 40m²

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    Newton System 500 Controls River Thames In Full Flood

    Flood Defence Systems Installed To Three Cottages in Oxford

  • Newton 508 is the most commonly used membrane within our Newton System 500 waterproofing system that includes Newton drainage and pumping systems. Newton 508 is guaranteed against deterioration for 30 years, with a life expectancy of at least 50 years (DIN 9001:2000) and is supported by BBA Certification Number 94/3010.
    Key Benefits of Newton 508 Mesh

    BBA Certified as a waterproofing membrane as part of Newton System 500

    Does not require extensive and damaging preparation to the wall surface

    Polyethylene netting is ‘welded’ to the surface of the membrane during the manufacturing process producing an incredibly well bonded surface mesh

    Superb ‘key’ for renders, plasters or for Dot & Dab Plasterboard

    Waterproofing that is guaranteed to work when used as part of our System 500 installed by a Newton Specialist Basement Contractor

    Typical Applications

    As a damp-proof base for renders, plasters or dot & dab plasterboard within Newton System 500 waterproofing system.

    Areas where space is limited such as stairways.

    A waterproof base for renders, plasters or dot & dab plasterboard

    As a render base to external areas of the waterproofing scheme such as light-well walls.

    Vaulted soffits or curved walls where a dry-lining frame may not be appropriate

    Newton 508 Mesh (M3) is supplied in rolls 2m x 20m giving a total of 40m2

     BS 8102:2009 The British Standard for Waterproofing
    The British Standard 8102:2009 Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From the Ground is the main design guide for structural waterproofing in the UK.  

    Newton System 500 is a maintainable system, so complies with BS8102 requirements. BS8102 also specifies that:  “a waterproofing specialist should be included as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing is created

    Therefore it is our recommendation that Newton System 500 is installed by a Newton Specialist Basement Contractor (NSBC).