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DampSafe 901 Primer Concrete Application

Damp Tolerable Pre-Primer For Porous Surfaces

Epoxy Primer

Primer for Cementitious Waterproof Membranes

Primer for Cementitious Waterproof Membranes

HydroCoat 903 Primer

Waterproofing Membrane

Water Based Curing Membrane

HydroCoat 905-CM

Newton 906 Lime Inhibitor for Concrete

Lime Inhibitor for Concrete

CDM 906 Lime Inhibitor

HydroCoat 908-LB

Acrylic Bonding Agent And Admixture

HydroCoat LiquaBond

Reinforcement Tape For Liquid Membranes

Reinforcement Tape For Liquid Membranes

HydroCoat 912-RT

Reinforcement Tape

Non-Woven Reinforcement Tape

HydroBond 914-RT

Primer for Construction Joint Waterproofing

Primer for Construction Joint Waterproofing

FlexProof 106 Primer

Primers, Preparation & Reinforcement

A choice of liquid-applied primers, reinforcement tapes and preparation products for substrates and construction joints in order to make them ready prior to the application of Newton’s liquid waterproofing membranes.

Substrate & Construction Joint Preparation

When waterproofing a below-ground structure, it is essential to properly prepare any substrates and joints before applying a waterproofing product. Newton supplies a selection of products to ensure that all waterproofing membranes adhere correctly and provide the desired level of waterproofing.

Our primers are versatile and effective, including to concrete surfaces prior to the application of our liquid waterproofing membranes, coatings, and prior to any concrete repair work.

Concrete Primer for Cementitious Waterproof Membranes

Newton HydroSeal 903 Primer is a concrete primer applied prior to the installation of our cementitious products. The primer is quick to apply, applicable on damp or wet concrete, and quick curing, resulting in greater adhesion of the Newton products and a minimised risk of out-gassing.

Take a look at these projects where primers were used prior to the application of Newton liquid waterproofing membranes:

Benefits of Using Lime Inhibitor for Concrete

Newton CDM 906 Lime Inhibitor is applied to concrete surfaces prior to installing a Newton CDM System to prevent the leaching of free lime from concrete floors. Like the HydroSeal 903 primer, the product can be applied to damp substrate, is quick and easy to apply, and forms part of a holistic approach to waterproofing that considers all potential aspects and eventualities.

Alongside the lime inhibitor and primers, Newton also supplies a complete range of reinforcement tapes and for use with our waterproofing membranes and systems.

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