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What is Concrete Joint and Leak Sealing?

Concrete joint and leak sealing is the process of repairing, filling and/or sealing gaps or cracks in concrete structures to prevent water, gases, and other unwanted elements from entering. These gaps or cracks can occur for a variety of reasons, such as structural movement, settlement of the foundations, and poorly performed construction techniques.

The Importance of Concrete Joint Sealing

Concrete Injection And Leak Sealing

Construction joints are unavoidable. They are formed as a natural consequence of sequencing and to provide controlled shrinkage for the concrete as it dries, preventing internal restraint which would lead to uncontrolled cracking. Where movement is also expected, movement and isolation joints allow movement and protect existing buildings from being damaged by the new structure.

Whilst there are different types of concrete joints, if the structure is below ground, these joints all need to be protected against water ingress, and specialist waterproofing products will be required to seal them. Further waterproofing will also be required to seal any service entries, pipe penetrations and cracks in the concrete structure.

What is the Difference Between Waterproofing and Leak Sealing?

Both the waterproofing of concrete joints and the practice of leak sealing aim to protect the internal space of a below-ground or earth-retaining structure from water. However, they differ in the point of application and types of products used.

Where a structure is designed to be a Type B form of waterproofing in accordance with British Standard 8102:2022, it is imperative that all joints and penetrations are designed to be fully waterproof to prevent water from entering. Leak sealing is the practice of retrospectively repairing water leaks where either the structure or the waterproofing systems have not been installed correctly.

Newton’s Concrete Joint and Leak Sealing Products

acrylic resin

Our innovative range of products can be used to waterproof joints in concrete within a Type B waterproofing system that acts as the primary form of resistance to water ingress. This includes all below-ground, earth-retaining and water-retaining structures, including tunnels and basements.

Concrete injection resins are also an effective method of leak sealing in a wide range of scenarios. From the creation of Type B waterproof structures using injection hoses to repairing leaks, cracks and defects in existing concrete structures.

HydroTank 302 Injection Hose

Newton HydroTank 302 Injection Hose is a high-performance waterbar for sealing construction joints in earth retaining and water retaining concrete structures. The waterbar is installed within the joint and, once the concrete is cured, an injection resin is pumped into the hose under pressure. The resin penetrates the surrounding concrete along the full length of the hose within the construction joint, and cures to create a permanent seal for any cracks, capillaries, pores, and honeycombing within the structure.

Depending on the injection requirement, Newton can supply the whole range of specialist acrylic and polyurethane injection resins from our specialist resin supplier Tradecc.

Other concrete joint and leak sealing products include:

Injection Resins and Injection Hose Systems:

Construction Joint Waterproofing and Sealing:

Pipe Penetrations and Service Entry Seals:

Sealants and Mastics:

Leak Sealing and Concrete Repair:

Tie-Bolt Hole Sealing:

Concrete Injection and Leak Sealing Projects

Whether it is the waterproofing of movement joints, using injection hoses to provide a maintainable form of Type B waterproofing, or the remedial repair of leaking cracks and joints in tunnels and infrastructure projects, Newton’s range of injection resins and ancillaries provide the means to resolve the issue.

Have a read of these projects where concrete joint and leak sealing issues were successfully addressed:

injection resin concrete repair

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